Compiling A 5 Paragraph Essay Format

A 5 paragraph essay format is used to present an argumentative essay in five paragraphs. In school and college, it is common practice to compile an essay using this format. The method involves compiling an introduction, a body of three paragraphs which present arguments to essay ideas, and a conclusion which reiterates all that has been said earlier for the benefit of readers. Since the process is commonly used, it is important that students learn how to compile an essay in five paragraphs.

The format is known to be most effective in orally communicating with an audience. It ensures that it understands the message being conveyed through the essay. The introduction would form the most important component, as it communicates with readers through the essay statement. Readers should be able to identify with the rest of the essay through the statement, which forms the bait for readers to be enticed into reading. It is written in just one sentence, but expert writers use copywriting skills to convey the message across. Emotions such as pain, relief, excitement, and curiosity are stirred. Readers feel compelled to read and edit the rest of the essay. It could also be phrased as a question that needs to be answered. To compile a 5 paragraph essay format effectively, students would need to practice writing an effective essay statement. A good essay statement would define the writer’s position and declare the issue which the rest of the essay would focus on. The rest of the introduction would include support statements that lead into the next paragraph.

The body of the essay would contain three paragraphs that hold the arguments supporting the essay statement. To logically include content that readers would easily understand, each argument can be elaborated upon in a separate paragraph. They would be focused around the main issue and would logically and sequentially explain the writer’s point of view. Since the format is best suited for an argumentative style of writing, students can have strong viewpoints on the topic. Each argument should be backed by solid evidence and support data. Deviating from the main issue is to be avoided. Readers would lose interest, if there are diversions not connected with the essay statement.

Research has a role to play in compiling an effective essay or A-level coursework. The body of the essay contains arguments which basically are ideas generated through a brainstorming session or more likely through research. Students are not experienced enough to have vast knowledge about complex issues. The safest way to ensure that included content is relevant would be to research on the topic using online resources. Websites would not only help support the arguments thought of during a brainstorming session but can also provide fresh ideas that students might not have thought of.

A 5 paragraph essay format would end in a conclusive summary that explains the logic applied to support or oppose the thesis statement. The success of a good conclusion is determined by how many readers follow the direction provided to either solve a problem or agree with the hypothesis argued upon earlier.

Adam Gordon

May 2, 2010


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