Argumentative Essay – The Right Approach

An argumentative essay essentially means you are presenting an argument across to readers. It could be used in any custom essay or assignment for that matter. The right approach is essential to get across to them. It’s not that difficult, if you follow some basic guidelines that would simplify matters.

The most important element in the essay would be the topic. Choose the right topic using the criteria that it should be debatable, either controversial or providing excellent value to readers, and based on recent news or discovery. Readers must be able to participate in a debate through the topic. You may have a section of readers opposing your point of view. If more readers agree to what you have to say, you have succeeded in writing a good argumentative essay. Recent topics are always interesting. Controversial ones have that extra zing to lead readers into an argument. Provide some value to readers. Ask essay questions you think are relevant if you were to read the essay.

The topic should focus on a very definite viewpoint. For example, you could write and edit an essay about dogs learning about toilet habits. This is a vague topic. A more focused topic would be an essay on how a dachshund would learn toilet habits in just 30 days. Don’t you think readers would be more interested in the second option, especially if they own a dachshund? Make the essay interesting. Focus on a sub topic, and you would find several readers eagerly participating and expressing their point of view.

Research is now very easy. Get essay help from search engines. You can get the exact information you need, if you know how to research. Focus on ideas you would like for your essay. Arrive at the most compelling idea you think would benefit readers the most. Think of words they would use in the search engines to get information on a topic. Type those same words, and you would reach several sites offering you information on the very same sub topic or keyword. Make note of website URLs for future reference. If you find relevant information, make a note of it. Do not forget to cite sources, if you have to do so.

Support your argument with tables, charts, statistical data, pictures, and historical data. These are elements that would make your 5-paragraph essay outline interesting. Readers require proof. Provide it to them, and they would agree to your line of thinking. Remember that the topic is chosen to appeal to a certain audience. If you get responses that relate to your approach, the argumentative essay is effective. It could be written for submission in school or college. Your focus would then be to impress assessors with the arguments.

The right approach is always to satisfy readers. The argument you place should eventually benefit readers. They must identify with it. To ensure this, research should be backed by solid evidence. It should be a blend of the latest information and historical data. The data may support a similar type of product.  Always aim to be concise and precise in your approach. Your argumentative essay or chemistry coursework should project you as an expert on the chosen topic.

Daisy Nail

December 21, 2009


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