AS Biology Coursework

How To Write an AS Biology Coursework With Ease

An AS biology coursework would test the knowledge a student has gained about biology. It is never a simple assignment if students do have a firm grasp on the subject. Completing the coursework would be a test of application. It would be linked to how much attention is paid in class to master the subject. Theory is a major part that would decide how well versed one is about biology. Experiments conducted in the laboratory help students understand the theory better. The coursework would incorporate the knowledge gained from both theory and lab work.

There are various easy methods a student can follow to create a quality coursework.

  • Choose the right topic for your AS biology coursework. It is very important for the success of the project. The aim should be to try and write on diseases that affect people, as it offers ample scope to get hold of case studies and research material. Analysis can be done easily and with the help of professionals.
  • Use the right terminology. It would demonstrate knowledge of the subject. The terms used must clarify the meaning of terms added within the coursework. Research has to be complete, and proper reference has to be included at every stage.
  • Choose to write on topics you have personal experience with. Recollect a visit to a hospital, social work related to assisting with infectious diseases, or extensive lab work completed during the term. Practical experience always leads to better understanding of how to list the steps involved in a process.
  • Writing with precision is the key. Biology, as well as business studies, is a science that demands precision.  Avoid attempting very complicated coursework that could not be completed with precision. Use technology like computer software and online references to gather valuable and reliable information.
  • Include pictures and diagrams wherever possible to enhance presentation and add more clarity to the text. Complex theory can often be simplified with the inclusion of well-labeled diagrams.
  • Time yourself to perfection. Coursework can be quite lengthy and filled with well-researched graphics and content. If you are behind schedule at any stage, it would be difficult to complete the biology essay in time.

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Daisy Nail

September 30, 2016


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