Audit Essay – The Type Of Expertise Needed

An audit essay is normally done to detail the process of checking the qualifying status of a person or organization. There are various types of audits conducted for different reasons. It could be a bank audit where the financial records of a bank are checked for complicity with standard operating procedures or a marketing audit which checks if a market is ready for a product and what sort of finances would be required to enter the market. Other types of audits could include a self audit for appraisal purposes or a group audit where members share the burden of auditing the same project.

Let’s take a business essay and check out what sort of marketing audit could be done to ensure a safe entry into an existing market. The process of writing a coursework would include working out detailed financial implications, advertising and promotion processes, surveys on brand awareness, and arriving at product cost. The audit is vital for the success of any long-term business. There are experts that take care of online marketing for companies. Similarly, audits are done online by professional firms using automated software.

A self audit is usually required when you have to take part is a group activity that requires some screening. Professionally conducted audits can tell organizations a great deal about the person who wishes to participate in the program. For example, participation in an International Exchange Program would require students to have aptitude for languages and adaptability to changed conditions. They would have to self audit and list out interests, food habits, languages known, marital status, or ethnic background. These audits help assessors to qualify students as per standard norms.

When writing an audit or even biology essay, research skills and writing skills would be tested. It is important to note that the essay has to be accurate and up-to-date. There are many essay writing services on the internet that provide such services. They boast of enhanced libraries which stock specialized reference books and magazines, white papers, and reviews.  Your evaluation essay has to be focused on producing financial and research information that could be useful for companies that need those services.

A statistics coursework, as well as art coursework, could necessitate the use of financial databases, graphs, and charts. An audit could create an essay outline that has all the above and incorporate easy reference points that could be used to analyze a project. Students learn a lot while auditing for a coursework. The way an audit is approached helps them develop research and editing skills, and an eye for detail. Fundamentals are adapted as a matter of habit.

Financial audits often expose the simplest accounting mistakes. To probe into such basic accounting practices, financial audits become a necessary tool. For example, during an audit, serious issues like misappropriations of funds are looked into. Organizations that are struggling financially often make wrong financial decisions. When they try to salvage the company, the decisions they take are disclosed by micro audits.

You can literally learn the different methods used by undertaking a project under an auditor whose area of expertise covers your subject. There is software to help you in your endeavor. If you are determined and methodical, writing an audit essay would be an easy assignment.

Adam Gordon

October 20, 2009


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