Discover How To Write An Aviation Essay

The purpose of an aviation essay could be to relate technology to modern aviation, examine the human frailty of fatigue that regulates the number of hours a pilot can fly a plane, or the noise pollution caused by airplanes and how to reduce it. You could write a descriptive essay to research on the factors leading to pilot error and highlight it with figures to summarize your findings. The scope is tremendous, and it really comes down to the reason why you want to write the essay.

A college bilingual essay could delve on aviation technology. Airplanes have evolved through technological advances that have enabled them to achieved speeds that break the sound barrier. You could collect facts and statistics on air travel and check out types of aircraft that fly people across the world. Environmental noise is a major hindrance airplanes have had to overcome. Unfortunately, it has continued to grow in the area of air traffic. Your aviation essay could suggest ways and means of reduction this menace to society. A practical viewpoint would be needed to establish a balance between lowering noise levels and increasing air traffic.

A plane crash leaves passengers with little chance to survive. This is a fact of life. The “black box” would at most offer information leading to circumstances that led to a crash. Design essays or English coursework would offer you the scope to come with solutions in this area. Companies would be very interested in knowing how to reduce technical failure in their aircraft. Your aptitude for technical know-how could come handy here. It is to be noted though that the essay needs to be written in a way readers would understand. The language used should be simple and to the point. You can always refer to an essay bank over the internet for guidance.

Exploring the human factor is another aspect you could use to help you with your essay. It is a known fact that a lot many accidents occur on account of human error. The number of hours a pilots put in actually flying the plane is directly related to the number of mistakes they are likely to commit. Humans reach a level of fatigue that affects decision making. This is not only related to pilots but is an occupational hazard for other service providers in aviation like ground staff, technicians, and security who require high concentration levels. Paying attention to details is therefore very important to ensure passenger safety. Your essay could touch upon human factors by examining the physical or mental side of human beings to establish ways to prevent human error.

There is clinical evidence to prove that stress exists among those working in both indoor and outdoor aviation occupations. Consider writing an aviation essay on outdoor workers during the winter. How would it affect them or lead to “cumulative trauma disorders.” There may be no standards in place that regulate the use of a certain type of clothing or how to deal with the injuries occurring due to extreme cold. These are areas that could reduce man hours lost due to lack of prevent measures in place. You could comment on measures to be put in place to reduce accidents. Prepare an essay outline and then write like an expert. Readers would always be interested in knowing your viewpoints in your aviation essay.

Adam Gordon

October 21, 2009


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