Biology Essay

Basic Guidelines on Writing a Great Biology Essay

The process of writing an essay on the subject of biology is not much different from writing law, history or even sociology essays in that it tends to go deeper into the content, only that biology deals with the structure, growth, evolution, and functioning of organisms.With that in mind, we easily get to understand that a Biology Essay is usually written on topics that include animal or plant life. In addition, it may discuss various atomic structures, sexual and asexual reproduction, habitat of the species and interactions between the different species. In essence it describes classification and functions of all things that are living now or have become extinct. Essay writing is easily achieved if the following rules are adhered to.

While writing a biological essay or AS biology coursework, student should consider what level of education he/she is in, because biology tends to advance gradually at various levels with new facts being revealed stage by stage. This helps in identifying the detail in which answers are required from the student. For instance, at a high school level, one is required to highlight the basic concepts proving their understanding. On the other hand, an undergraduate student would be expected to refer to laboratory experiments, stating their observations and conclusions drawn from the experiments. This is the case because the undergraduate is taken to have the concepts in hand and hence can go the extra mile to practically illustrate what was previously stated in theory. Numerous biological experiments and how to go about them are provided by

On the Biology Essay however, one should consider the topic of the essay and thoroughly pay close attention to the following keywords which are very common:

  • explain
  • state
  • verify
  • outline
  • illustrate

The Biology Essay, just like audit essay or many other types of essays, should have a self-explanatory introduction, a well-defined body and a conclusion that agrees with the topic in question.

  • Since biology is a science, a brilliant way to begin writing the introduction would be by defining the topic which should be precise. This can be handled by good planning strategies at the beginning.
  • The body should go a step further in detail and clearly explain the topic in question citing examples as well as providing graphs and well labeled drawings, where applicable, though they’re not mandatory. However, since biology tends to be practical, they play a vital role in earning top marks. Again, this is where researching for the facts come in handy.
  • Just like any other critical analysis essay would insist on, the conclusion must agree with your findings presented in the body. It should be straight and to the point, clear and precise, without any irrelevant and unnecessary information.
  • Finally, your Biology Essay should have a reference page that notes your sources of information be it journals, books, findings of other scientists.
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