How To Write An Chemistry Extended Essay

A chemistry extended essay is usually a mandatory chemistry coursework that students have to complete as part of International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). It is a two-year educational program for students between the age group 16-19 who want to study abroad. The IB program is recognized by many universities worldwide. The importance of completing a worthwhile essay should therefore not be lost on them. One cannot go about writing the essay or dissertation proposal with little knowledge about it. There are ways to get solve problems you may encounter on the way.

Knowledge about the essay topic and chemistry as a subject should be extensive. You must have interest in finding information about a theory or to clear doubts. The first question to ask is if it’s a theoretical or practical problem. Questions could arise about difficult concepts, elements that combine to make up a compound, or how an experiment is set up in the laboratory. These queries could extend to how much scope you have in resolving problems. Would you be using hypothesis in certain areas of research? The answers to these queries clear doubts and help in faster resolution.

Chemistry is a science. You cannot afford to miss out on lectures or lose focus on the subject. To get you back on track, meet your tutors. The tutors are highly trained professionals who can help in analyzing problems and clearing doubts. Preparation before meeting them is a must, as they are usually very busy. They would not be able to give you fixed time over one or two sessions. Make a note of argumentative essay ideas and other queries you may have about the chemical extended essay. After discussion, make a detailed summary of answers received and revert back to the tutor for a review.

Coursework does have a practical aspect to it. To gain clarity about what is learned in theory, research exhaustively to get a practical background about the topic. Arrange to conduct experiments in the laboratory and use detailed findings as support data for your essay. Maintain constant contact with your tutor through email to clarify doubts and share your findings in the lab. Distribute the time spent in the lab over several sessions. For each assignment, prepare notes and summarize the findings. Link the notes to the concepts it connects with and verify your findings with your essay guide.

To write a custom essay, it becomes easier to use findings to support the thesis statement. The process has to be directly connected to the topic, as readers would not be able to identify with any new information linked to it. As this stage, you can introduce the hypothesis, if applicable. Always keep a tab of the word count. It should not exceed 4,000 words unless specified otherwise.

One should take certain precautions while conducting experiments in a basic laboratory. You may not get too much time or the results may not be analyzed like how it would be in a professional setup. It is absolutely necessary that you find right direction early. If you are not sure of the experiment, get help from your tutor or discuss your findings with him after you have conducted a preliminary experiment. It would save you a lot of time in the long run. You could spend more quality time researching for your chemistry extended essay.

Daisy Nail

December 26, 2009


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