College Prowler Essay Competition Goes The “No Essay” Way

The College Prowler essay competition was initiated to offer deserving students an opportunity to earn a scholarship through an essay and dissertation contest. The company was started in 2002 by Carnegie Mellon graduates who have since established it as one of the most reliable and wanted college search engines for students seeking admission into a college or university of their choice in the United States. Basically, it provides valuable content and answers every possible question a student might have about admission process to various colleges. It even provides software that allows students to know if they are eligible for admission. College Prowler is, today, the largest producer of content in USA for college students, written by college students. For those interested in writing about topics related to aspiring college students can enroll from across USA as a publishing author with the company and write and proofread online guides that help other students. The opportunity is open to outgoing college students and provides valuable work experience and a chance to build their portfolio. The recently initiated “No Essay” college scholarship offers $2,000 just to fill up a form.

College Prowler essay competitions have introduced a twist to the essay competition they used to hold earlier. They have recognized that students do not have the time to complete competitive communication essays. The assessment process involving thousands of students did not simplify things either. They came up with an innovative monthly sweepstakes offering $2,000 to eligible students. Millions of students use their website to check out college eligibility norms. The motivation to win $2,000 just to fill in a form they would have to anyway is just too strong for students to resist. For example, a college-going student may need the money for books or a computer. Working professionals may decide to go back to college for higher education. The eligibility rules are very simple and clearly highlighted on their website.

The College Prowler essay competition used to ask high school and college students to submit original and unpublished college application essays to decide winners. Though the prize money or rather sweepstakes have increased substantially, eligibility norms have been greatly simplified. A legal resident of the United States or even international students with valid Visas can apply and win the monthly sweepstakes by filling up a form which offers them information they are looking for. There is a great deal of information students would need to understand and digest in a very short period of time to gain college admission.

College Prowler essay competitions have become very popular simply because aspiring college students have found the company improving on methods used to inform students of opportunities that lie ahead. The “No Essay” Scholarship is open for entries from the 1st of the month till the end of the month. In effect, students have a chance to win valuable funds, if they plan to enroll for college admission within 12 months. The company’s work has been noticed by top publishers like Readers Digest, so their website gets tremendous exposure. Students who plan to study in USA can avail of this tremendous source of information. If they are lucky, they might win their way to college through the sweepstakes.

Daisy Nail

March 27, 2010


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