Importance of Learning How to Write a Conclusion for a Dissertation

The section is crucial for highlighting the main ideas of any academic work. However, many students make mistakes by introducing new ideas in this section rather than recapping the thesis statement and the main ideas in the text. Learning how to write dissertation conclusion helps improve the quality of the paper.

Having a thorough knowledge of how to write a conclusion for dissertation papers allows students to demonstrate their understanding and perspective of the research problem. There are several ways that writers can use to communicate their positions and make recommendations in the conclusion section of their dissertations. These ways include:

  • Highlighting new perspectives on research problem – This should not be construed as an attempt to introduce extra information not covered in the main body. Rather, it is a creative approach for contextualizing the problem using the knowledge discovered after conducting the study.
  • Demonstrating the utility of the study – The section gives students the opportunity to highlight the significance of the generated results.
  • Highlighting how the knowledge gap is bridged – The section allows students to explain how the gap identified in the main body is bridged.
  • Summarizing ideas – The section helps students to demonstrate how their studies contribute towards the improvement of the body of knowledge of the selected topic.
  • Recapping the main points – The section enables students to highlight the main points of their study.

This shows that the section plays an essential role in signing off the dissertation rather than merely repeating the main ideas.

Guide on How to Prepare a Dissertation Conclusion

Writing a perfect conclusion for your paper is a straight forward process. However, most students experience problems writing quality conclusions. Here is a simple conclusion dissertation’s guide to help you increase your mastery in developing the section.

  • Restate your thesis statement – Restate the thesis to reaffirm your original position. Remember to change the structure and the wording of the thesis statement.
  • Recap the mains points – Highlight the main points in the text. Remember to present them logically.
  • Explain the relevance of your dissertation– Describe the utility of your work to the field of study and the significance of the results.

It is always important to end dissertation conclusions with a call to action or a warning. This motivates the reader to pay close attention to the research findings and search for optimal methods for using the information presented in the paper.

Writing a Dissertation Conclusion Made Simple

Writing the conclusion for a dissertation is quite easy. This section does not require any research, analysis, or introduction of new information. All that is needed is a clear grasp of the purpose of the section. Knowing the starting and the ending point of your conclusion will help you overcome the pitfalls associated with its development.

The first thing to include in the summary part of the conclusion is the contribution of the dissertation to the body of knowledge. Secondly, give recommendations. Third, ensure your section communicates your ideas effectively; go straight to the point. Fourth, avoid writing a section that is too short, too long, or unrealistic. Your conclusion should account for at least 10% of the total words.

Dissertation Conclusion Structure Explained

As intimated before, the conclusion of the dissertation follows a strict structure that must be adhered to. The first step in learning how to write a conclusion dissertation is to understand the structure of the section. The structure of a dissertation conclusion has three main points which include:

  • The topic sentence – It is marked by a restructured and re-worded thesis statement. It is the first sentence of the conclusion section.
  • Supporting sentences – Used to summarize all the points used to support the main argument.
  • The closing sentence – It is marked by a call to action or a warning.

Getting it right with the structure of the section makes the difference between a good and a badly-written conclusion. The section helps students communicate their thoughts and ideas. Thus, a poorly written section limits the effectiveness of the paper.

Tips on How to Write a Conclusion for Dissertation

Learning how to write a good conclusion for dissertation helps students communicate the implication of their research findings to the audience. However, the section is often overlooked despite being a critical component of the dissertation. As such, the section is often poorly written, leading to incomplete communication of students’ thoughts and position on their topics.

The following tips will help you in writing a dissertation conclusion section for your paper.

  • Recap the main points of the paper and explain the utility of the study.
  • Avoid adding any information or data that is not discussed or highlighted in the main body.
  • Avoid the allure of making up the inadequacies of the dissertation in the section.
  • Ensure the word conclusion does not appear anywhere else in the paper to avoid confusing the reader.
  • Focus on the holistic assessment of the findings and avoid over-generalized analysis of the topic.

The scope of the section should never exceed the objectives of your study or the results of the study. In other words, caution should be taken to avoid introducing new information, ideas, or thoughts in the section.

Learn How to Write a Good Dissertation Conclusion

Learning how to write a dissertation conclusion helps students sign off their discourse effectively. A good section uses the introductory sentence to guide the reader on your final thoughts and position about a particular topic. The conclusion summarizes the main points made each paragraph in their order of appearance.

It is essential to briefly mention all the important aspects of the dissertation to ensure the section is independent of the main body of the paper. Readers should be able to have a clear grasp of the study by just reading the conclusion part. A properly designed section should have a warning or a call to action to give readers something to do after reading your paper.

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November 28, 2019


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