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Learn to Write Controversial Essays Convincingly

Controversial Essay is written on a controversial topic which has two opposing arguments. If the thesis formulated for the essay has a large number of opponents and if the opposition is very strong the topic is controversial and the essay written on the thesis is a controversial essay. Controversial topics are unproven and give rise to heated arguments. Strong personal beliefs on political, religious and social issues as well as unproven scientific hypotheses are the causes for controversial topics. The writers of controversial essays must know about their responsibility of not to provoke any confrontations of violent nature. The essay writer should also be responsible for the information and evidence cited to prove the validity of his or her standpoint.

Controversial Essay will have a ready base of readers depending on whether the topic is a current topic. Majority of the readers are knowledgeable of current controversial topics because they tend to receive high media coverage. Writer must see that facts used in controversial essays are very accurate and arguments used to support the thesis are valid, reasonable and logical. Especially, if reference to any person, an event or a place is made writer shall cite the reference properly. Otherwise the writer can even face legal or other complications due to the presence of a strong opposition. Controversial Essays like racial profiling essay or terrorism essay shall not include any derogatory words or facts from unreliable sources.

More than any other creative essay, the logical flow and proper structure is important for this type of essays as it helps build up the argument coherently. This can be achieved through the simple use of standard introduction- body- conclusion structure. When writing the introduction, an overview to the controversy should be provided along with the thesis statement. The essay thesis is the single most important piece in a controversial essay. The thesis statement must clearly, unambiguously and concisely state the problem and where the writer stands on the issue. Main body of the essay shall bring the arguments, one in each paragraph, to support or prove the writer’s stand on the topic. Conclusion must persuade the reader to accept the point or appeal for some action on the issue.

Nature of Controversial Essay Topics

Topics and the thesis for the controversial or intellectual property essays are unproven. When proven the opposition dies down slowly and gradually. The controversial topics are sensitive and mainly centered around religious, ethnic, political and social issues. These are the areas where most argumentative essay ideas can be found. Few examples of controversial topics are given below:

  • Impose a total ban on smoking.
  • Use of violence for political gains shall not be tolerated.
  • Sex education must be made compulsory from middle school.
  • Creation Science shall be made a compulsory subject in school curriculum.
  • UFOs are spacecrafts of extra-terrestrial intelligent beings.
  • Capital Punishment is Needed to be Implemented by Every Nation.
  • Human cloning can help the health science field to progress by many folds.

Any controversial essay is about a topic that is sensitive to the supporters as well as the opponents of the thesis of the essay. If an argument or a fact mentioned will touch a nerve of some one close to the writer or perhaps the teacher of the student writing the essay will have unforeseen consequences. Getting help from matured person like a teacher, a parent or a professional is of high importance. has a panel of experienced and qualified writers who can advice and help students in writing essays. Over 70% of customers are repeat customers which go to show the customer satisfaction we deliver when serving each and every customer who seeks writing help from us. is geared to provide custom written essays on any subject and written to suit college level to PhD level studies. Place your trust in us if you are looking for a helping hand and we vouch for the quality and originality of our dedicated team of writers.

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September 30, 2016


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