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The Use of One’s Imagination is the Key to Writing Good Creative Essays

A critical analysis essay is written to bring out an informed opinion about the written word or art form. It could be a book, an article, recent news, white papers, or product releases. The main purpose of writing the creative or controversial essay would be to appreciate or evaluate another piece of writing using critical analysis techniques. Students have to prove they possess analytical skills. In the process or writing such essays they improve their skills. The curriculum in schools and colleges offer enough scope to evaluate several topics and write on them. You may have had the opportunity to write such an essay. With practice, it would be possible to hone your skills further.

A person’s creativity, uniqueness of writing style, the novelty and refreshing nature of ideas and visualizations comes to the forefront in writing a creative essay. This type of essay allows the writer the freedom of expressing as per their own desired style. It allows for individuality in expression, taking account of differences in ideas, ways of expressions, the formation of sentences etc. The best example of such creativity can be understood if students read few Shakespeare essay. Shakespeare used his ownunique style and manipulation of language to write plays that stands the test of time till to date and earned him the recognition as  the greatest playwright of all times. This is why it is essential that students unleash their imagination and write in unique and interesting fashion.

Creative essays can be written on any idea or topic that allows suits the purpose. It can focus on an event, a person, a feeling or emotion, a relationship or behaviour. It can also be based on a place or intriguing phenomena. As it is a free form of writing, students are generally allowed to select their own essay topics. However there may be set parameters within which the choice has to be made. Due to the vast freedom involved, some students face difficulties in identifying suitable essay topics for this type of essay assignments. A good starting point is to establish what type of a creative essay is to be written. There can be fiction and non-faction creative writing. If it is fictional writing, then it will involve a story that has been imagined and created by the writer. This type of essay will consist of plots, themes and characters with a central theme which the story writer intends to deliver.

A non-fiction essay may involve a memoir or a biography style of writing. A narration essay or a comparative essay also falls in to the category of creative writing. When writing descriptive creative essay, Students will have to describe their topic as eloquently and in unique style for the reader to form a vivid mental picture of what is being described. Some forms of entrance essay that is written targeting art school may also be written using this form of creative writing. The student may use a creative writing style and a novel approach to presenting ones personal information. This may be the perfect means of convincing the Admission Board that the applicant is suitable to purse studies in creative Arts.

The genre of creative writing does not usually calls for fixed structures such as five paragraph essay format or established writing style. The changes and novel approaches taken by the writer in organising the flow of writing or presenting of the work is also accounted towards creativity of the entire writing. For example, a student may choose to write a creative essay in the form of a letter. It can also be a collection of narrated dreams in which the writer narrates a fictional character’s innermost feelings and emotions.

Writing a creative essay may sometimes, be more challenging than writing an academic assignment. In fact, it is only a few persons who are truly gifted at this type of essay writing. If the students are following compulsory English composition courses, creative writing may be something that is unavoidable. In such situations, most will be wondering of how to manage this assignment as not to fail the subject. If this is the case, wonder no further and get in touch with We are one of the most versatile of writing firms offering a wide variety of writing services ranging from science essays to accounting essays, math essays or any other. The pool of writers at the includes creative writers with unique styles and originality. With our creative writers to assist you, the work you present will be eloquently written and capture the interest and intrigue of any reader.

Adam Gordon

September 30, 2016


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