Critical Analysis Essay

Tips To Develop Critical Analysis Essay Skills

A critical analysis essay is written to bring out an informed opinion about the written word or art form. It could be a book, an article, recent news, white papers, or product releases. The main purpose of writing the essay would be to appreciate or evaluate another piece of writing using critical analysis techniques. Students have to prove they possess analytical skills. In the process or writing such essays they improve their skills. The curriculum in schools and colleges offer enough scope to evaluate several topics and write on them. You may have had the opportunity to write such an essay or cycling essay. With practice, it would be possible to hone your skills further.

Tips To Write a Critical Analysis Essay

  • Start by gathering the relevant information about the piece or art or literary work. Read about the artist or author. Understand how they communicate their thoughts by getting acquainted with other works of the same author.
  • Think like a critic. You need to be a critic in heart, mind, and soul. If you like something, appreciate it. Criticize if you find areas that need a different approach. Analyze the tone of voice used by the author. Check out the mood. Does the author sound cynical? If he or she does, is it relevant to the topic?
  • Analyze how the writer is trying to establish connection with readers. Study the topic well. For example, if the topic is too technical, does the writer take the trouble to clarify difficult concepts or terminology for the benefit of the readers?
  • Follow the sentence structure used by the writer. Does the vocabulary used get through to the audience? Do his words have emotional value or are they uttered as a matter of fact? You should remember that readers are triggered emotionally.
  • Provide a summary of the critical analysis essay. It should be short but complete. If it’s a piece of art, write a short abstract about the painter and the approach he or she takes. It can then be elaborated in the body of the critical analysis or college scholarship essay.
  • Offer your evaluation after you have provided the critical analysis. You must list out the reasons why you appreciate or criticize the works and then offer your interpretation of the topic.
  • Support your viewpoint with evidence. Use quotes from the passage being analyzed and then elaborate on them, either with factual evidence or logical explanation.

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