Cycling Essays – Learning The Art Of Speed Cycling

Cycling essays could be your way of expressing viewpoints on how cycling enhances precision, technique, and health. It encourages people to follow and practice this amazing sport. Learning to ride a cycle comes easy to most children. Technology has advanced to such an extent that manufacturers now offer lightweight, super-fast bikes that can help amateur cyclists get upto 60 MPH under the right conditions. Sports persons have taken to cycling in a big way. We now hear of cycling stunts games being held the world over that show cyclists perform mind-boggling feats never thought to be possible. Cycling as a sport has come a long way.

Lance Armstrong, the Tour de France winner for a record-breaking seven time from 1999 to 2005, is a legend in the sport. He survived testicular cancer and came back to win major sports awards for his sheer courage and tenacity under trying circumstances. He even returned to take part in the 2009 Tour de France just to create awareness on the global cancer burden. What makes such great athletes, and how do they prepare themselves for grueling races? It requires precision, technique, and physical fitness. These benefits need to be included in your essay or critical analysis essay plan.

Breathing training expands lung capacity. It increases intake of oxygen, and lowers heart rate when exertion is required during training and racing. It has been established that increased oxygen intake enhances energy by breaking down glucose and lactic acid faster. This amounts to generating more energy during cycle training and racing conditions. In other words, when climbing mountains, cyclists have more endurance power. A cycling essay can elaborate on this crucial exercise.

A racing cycle presents the rider with aerodynamic efficiency taking into consideration. Precision is achieved in connection with ergonomics of a rider’s sitting posture on the cycle. Several types of bikes are available based on where it is to be used. It could include cyclo-cross cycles, mountain bikes, track cycles, and custom-made cycles for cycling stunts. Cyclists develop techniques based on the cycle wheels they use. For aerodynamics, it is recommended to use less spokes in the wheel. For high-speed events like time trials, disc wheels are used, which greatly enhances aerodynamic performance. You can refer to an essay bank for more information on the subject. Essay samples would be available that elaborate on the topic.

When you write on a sports topic like cycling, attempt to write custom essays that would highlight a certain aspect of the sport that would be of interest to readers. Health is an important factor to consider. You could cycle yourself to fitness without having to spend on costly gym memberships. Aerobic exercise on a cycle is highly recommended to maintain good health. For example, you could start exercising for as little as 20 minutes a day, three times a week, and then increase workout if you are comfortable with the increase.

The benefits offered by cycling are tremendous. It teacher cyclists the meaning of leadership, which can also be elaborated in a leadership essay or even child labor essay. The topics you choose in cycling essays should inform readers of the benefits to be gained by reading your essay. If you manage to do that, you would have written a very productive and useful essay.