Strategies for Selecting Dissertation Topics

Dissertations are crucial documents that help students support their professional qualifications or candidatures for academic degrees. In most cases, dissertations allow students to contribute to new practices, theories, or knowledge in their field of interest. Selecting the most appropriate topic for your dissertation goes a long way in ensuring the research work is as smooth as possible.

Choosing the area of your research is the first step in dissertation writing help. When selecting topics for your dissertations, it is important to follow the strategies below:

  • Adhere to the standards of your institution: Having a clear grasp of the practical requirements of the degree program allows you to determine the scope of research.
  • Select a broad field of study: Explore the most interesting areas of research within your field of study and narrow down to a specific topic that you are familiar with.
  • Determine the social, academic, and practical relevance of your study.
  • Research your topic: Collect enough materials that are related to the selected topic to establish any research gap.
  • Explore the possible methods you will use to approach the identified phenomenon – Start thinking on the research strategies and design you will use in your study.
  • Assess the feasibility of completing your dissertation within the given timeframe before deciding on the topic.
  • Have your topic approved by your supervisor or professor before starting the actual writing.

It is always advisable to change the focus of your dissertation early enough to avoid unnecessary delays. Getting late with your paper may deny you the opportunity to remove errors or make corrections. Therefore, it is advisable to start your paper early enough if possible.

Dissertation Topic Guide for You

Selecting a dissertation topic of study is the first step in writing your dissertation. Many students have problems choosing the most appropriate topic for their dissertation despite having a clear concept of the phenomenal they want to address. The following guide will help you in designing the topic of your forthcoming dissertation.

  • A Topic should be relevant: Make sure it is relevant to the field of your study and academic objectives.
  • Assess the clarity of the topic: It should be clear to give readers an instant impression of your intentions and objectives.
  • A topic should be focused: It must be specific and possible to be covered in the available space.
  • A topic should be complex: It should not be easy to answer with readily available facts. They should be complex enough to demand in-depth research and analysis of facts.

It is important to start formulating your topic at an earlier time; in most cases, you will be forced to use the iteration method to come with a good topic. It is also essential to seek the advice of your professor or course mentor when formulating the topic in order to have it approved on time.

Elements of Good Dissertation Topics

Good topics should have several components to communicate different things to the readers. Although there is a wide range of components that can be used to develop the required topics, it is essential to make use of elements that best communicates your research ideas or results to the intended audience. The main components of the good topics include:

  • Relevance: It should be relevant to your area of research or the degree program.
  • Enticing: It should be interesting to you and the audience.
  • Familiar: You should select a topic that you are highly knowledgeable and passionate about.
  • Currency: Select a topic that is relevant to the prevailing global or local conditions.
  • Make them specific: Make the topic less broad.
  • Make it simple: Your topic should be simple and straight to the point. Avoid ambiguous and overly complex topics.

A topic cannot be said to be complete without any of the above qualities. Always use the guideline to formulate your topic. Most professors use guideline to assess the suitability of the topics.

Developing a Dissertation Topic List for Writing Prompts

The selection of a topic is a complex process. In one way or another, writers are forced to make a list of writing prompts or brainstorm before settling on a particular title for their dissertations. Creating a topic list during the process of topic selection allows students to come up with a number of possible titles that they are passionate about. There is no unique way of coming up with a topic list, but it is important to ensure that all elements of a good topic are included in each title.

Tips for Selecting Topics for Dissertation

The quality of your dissertation has a direct impact on your final grades. If you are a student seeking help in formulating a topic for your dissertation, the following tips will be useful to you.

  • Select an interesting topic – Select a topic that is meaningful and inspiring to you.
  • Go for a unique topic – Formulate your topic from an area of your study that is rarely explored by other researchers.
  • Don’t be vague – Make sure your topic is simple, precise, specific, and straight forward.
  • Avoid an extremely narrow topic – Such a topic will limit your ability to expound the main arguments of your dissertation.
  • Be realistic: The weight of the topic should be commensurate with the available timeframe for completing your dissertations.

It is essential to make sure that the selected topic is both plausible and relevant to your program’s objectives and goals. A topic that is not related to your program may be rejected by your professor or the dissertation committee.

Topic Ideas in Education

This sector is continuously evolving due to changes in knowledge, technologies, and consumer preferences. The emerging challenges and opportunities in the sector make it possible to find interesting topics to research and explore. Some of the popular topics in the field that you can use for your dissertation include:

  • What are the benefits of incorporating online learning in postgraduate programs?
  • Are teachers trained in the Montessori Method more effective than those trained using tradition methods?
  • Analyze the impact of teachers’ training on student’s behaviour.
  • Explore and analyze the push and pull factors that make people opt for a career in teaching.

These topics are just some of the few areas in the sector that you can explore in your dissertation. Check our websites for more topics. Settle for the topic that you are comfortable with, research, and develop your dissertation.

Topic Ideas in Law

Many students have problems trimming their ideas into a topic that is relevant to their field of study. Below is a list of some of the major topics in this field. Have a look at them to get a spark of inspiration for the topic of your upcoming dissertation.

  • Trustee powers in undertaking investments: An investigation into courts’ evaluation of the financial benefits.
  • What is the implication of Harrison V Gibson’s case on the certainty of intentional regulation?
  • How is the conflict between public safety and civil liberties addressed in the anti-terrorism legislation?

The list of topic ideas for this field is quite long and broad. Get more topic ideas online or visit your university library for more inspiration. Take your time to formulate a good topic.

Topic Ideas in History

This field is very vast and over-explored. Selecting a unique topic for a dissertation in this field is quite a challenge for most students. The list below represents some of the recent topics that can inspire you to formulate a quality topic for your dissertation.

  • How have religious ideologies and doctrines influenced the behaviour of racist factions in the West?
  • How has the decline in magical and irrational ideologies affected the economies of Western Europe and the United States?

Look for more topic ideas in your library or the Internet to help you formulate a good topic. Settle for a unique but rarely unexplored topic to write your dissertation. Make your work both informative and captivating.

Topic Ideas in Economics

Topics in this field encapsulate a variety of perspectives that ranges from conventional issues to anthropology. Students face a lot of challenges when formulating topics in this field due to its vastness. The topics listed here may help you formulate the topic for your dissertation.

  • How do corporate factories in third world countries influence their economies?
  • Impact of social networks on the global economy.
  • What is the impact of data analytics on the market competitiveness of small businesses?

Formulating a topic in this field is quite easy. All you have to do is to explore the thousands of topic ideas available online to come up with your topic. Ensure your topic is relevant to the current global or local economic environment.

Topic Ideas in Accounting

Students who pursue degree programs in this field experience a lot of challenges when selecting topics for their dissertations. However, the hurdles faced by the students are not unique when compared to challenges experienced by students in other fields. Below is a list of the most current topics in this field.

  • What is the impact of contemporary accountancy on the economic development of emerging markets?
  • What is the correlation between a firms’ cost of capital and the level of accountancy?
  • Strategies for harmonizing accountancy in Islamic countries.

Coming up with a topic for your dissertation in this field is similar to other fields. However, it is essential to ensure your topic is approved by your professor or dissertation committee before starting to write your paper. Research the selected topic extensively to unearth gaps that are interesting to explore.

Topic Ideas in Nursing

The objectives of the dissertations in this field are quite narrow. Most of the dissertations in the field either focus on appraising secondary sources or gathering and analyzing raw data. This restriction affects students’ ability to formulate quality topics for their dissertations. Below are some of the topics you can use in your dissertations.

  • Review of literature to establish the impact of poor housing conditions on the mental wellbeing of mentally-challenged individuals.
  • What is the effectiveness of customizing stop-smoking programs based on various demographic variables? A case study of US youths.

Topic Ideas in Finance

Are you looking for a simple, clear, unique, inspiration topic for your upcoming dissertation in this field? Here is a list of the most trending topics in this field.

  • Analysis of corporate social responsibility in the banking industry.
  • Analysis of the impact of population growth on China’s economic development.
  • What challenges do the elderly face in digital banking?
  • Exploring g the effect of Brexit on the UK retail industry.
  • What are the future prospects of internet banking?
  • Analysis of the financial statements of Mastercard and VISA.

Use these topic ideas to formulate a topic for your dissertation that has the potential to improve your body of knowledge. If you find them to be less helpful to you, check the Internet for more ideas. Explore the emerging sections of the field to formulate a unique topic for your dissertation.

Topic Ideas in Business

The majority of the topics in this field focus on the studies done in various fields of commerce and the fluctuating state of current technologies. The list of topics presented here will inspire you to formulate the topic for your dissertation.

  • Analysis of the benefits and risks of local Joint Venture
  • What is the impact of online marketing on the efficiency of the global supply chain networks?
  • What is the impact of corporate social responsibility on customer brand loyalty?
  • Analysis of the impact of the job-swaps on the inter-cultural relationships in multinational organizations

Check the internet for more inspiring topic ideas. Topic ideas in this field are endless but over explored. Explore the most recent topics in the field to formulate the most appropriate topic for your dissertation.

Topic Ideas in Politics

Below is a list of topics you can use for your dissertations.

  • An analytical study of political participation and social capital in the United States.
  • A comparative study of democracy in presidential and parliamentary republics.
  • What is the future of the interest groups? A comparative study of Pluralism and Corporatism.
  • A critical analysis of Proportional and extremist representation systems: A case study of three European countries.

There are loads of interesting topics to write about in this field. The dynamic nature of the field ensures that there are numerous unique ideas to write about. Explore the Internet for the current events in the field to formulate a topic for your dissertation.

Topic Ideas in Architecture

If you are stuck or confused about what topic to explore in your dissertation, here is a list of topics in this field to help you jump start your dissertation.

  • Analysis of the impact of climate change on existing and future architectural projects.
  • Is the feasibility of achieving a self-sustaining ecosystem in urban areas a dream or a possibility?
  • What are the affordable solutions for low-cost housing in developing countries?

Topics in this field are quite captivating. There are many potential topics that students can select for their dissertations. Check the Internet or your school’s library to get relevant ideas for your dissertation.

Topic Ideas in Graphic Design

Here is a list of topics that you can use or get inspired.

  • Analysis of the influence of photography on a political advertisement.
  • How do illustration and photography influence the fashion industry?
  • Role of photography in the development of comic and manga books.

In case you don’t have an idea of what to write in your forthcoming dissertation, these topic ideas will be helpful to you. You can also check the Internet for more inspiring topics. Remember to make your topic as interesting as possible.

Topic Ideas in International Relations.

Here are some of the potential topics that you should consider using for your dissertation in this field.

  • The aftershocks effect of 9/11: An analysis of how the event has shaped the relationship between Western and Arab countries.
  • Does China’s growth threaten the United States’ global hegemony?
  • Russia and Africa: A critical look into their relationship
  • Analysis of the influence of US foreign policy on European countries
  • Assessing the effectiveness of the United Nations in solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Topic ideas in this field are quite many. It is, therefore, quite easy to find inspirational ideas that can help you formulate a topic for your dissertation. Explore the Internet for more ideas that are relevant to your area of interest.

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