Even the Dumbest College Application Essay Can be Done Quickly

Hey, everybody! I want to share the story that happened to me. Who has ever come across those dumb college application essays? Well, I have. Everyone knows how important it is to write a perfect college application essay. It is meant to show the admission board how smart you are, what incredible qualities you have and a lot of other stuff. I tried to approach the essay, but it was difficult. I am afraid that I am too dumb to write an essay. I tried, I honestly did, but in two weeks I only managed to churn out only a couple of lines. And those lines definitely didn’t show the best of me, and I was sure that that a so-called essay wouldn’t be able to stand out among other papers. Can you believe it, one stupid essay can wreck your future! I couldn’t let that happen!

My parents went berserk and said that I should probably look for some help online, otherwise I would fail. I have almost lost my faith in turning in a good college application essay, when I came across these guys. At first, I thought that I would only ask for their advice, maybe a couple of tips, maybe some editing help. But then I decided that my paper would look much better if it was written by professionals. And in that case I wouldn’t have to worry about anything. So, they have written my essay from scratch within a couple of days. And you know what? I didn’t regret it! I could have spent weeks trying to write that dumb essay, and I still wouldn’t succeed.

When I found out that I had to write an essay with a dumb thesis, having to make a choice from all those dumb essay topics and dumb essay questions, I was despaired. Because how, the hell, am I supposed to know how to do it?! I mean, we all know that the teacher is suppose to help us with that. He is the one, who should teach us how to express our thoughts clearly and to turn them into a meaningful sentence. Or how to find the necessary information in numerous academic sources. Unfortunately, nowadays the teacher are rather lazy. So, I was all on my own. And to make the situation even worse, I had a deadline looming. And I thought to myself: why should I waste my time trying to do something I’m not that good at, when there are people, who would do everything I needed in the shortest time?

At first I was worried about my college application essay, but it was done just perfectly! I checked my paper and it sounded compelling; I could never have written it that way. Well, maybe I could have written it well enough, but it would take me weeks, that’s for sure. No, thanks! I’d rather spend that time doing something useful, like shopping and packing for college!

Adam Gordon

May 1, 2017


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