How An Essay Checker Is Used To Detect Plagiarism

An essay checker is a software used to detect plagiarism or pages that contain duplicate content over the internet. The online world has become a source of valuable information that can be misused by many cheats. Their reasoning is simple though totally against the norms of ethical content writing. They simply copy content written on a topic of their choice and paste it onto their blog or store it in a database to be sold later to unsuspecting students who are looking for some help on a topic. Through a period of time, duplicate content was noticed on several websites. It became necessary to control the menace. Search engines have sophisticated algorithms that penalize websites for copying content from other sites. Their ranking is affected, and less readers are able to gain access to them as they start appearing beyond the first few pages of a search engine. It is therefore very important for students to be aware of how plagiarism is detected and how to avoid it in their own work.

A plagiarism essay would highlight the fact that plagiarism could be a deliberate attempt to copy other writers’ content or could be lack of knowledge on how to represent reference information like quotes. In both cases, the consequence could be severe, as an assignment would be considered void. For example,  consider an essay that is an exact duplicate of another essay on the internet. It may be copied by students who do not have time or do not have the knowledge to write a professional essay or dissertation acknowledgment that could be submitted as original work. There is no knowledge gained, and the motive is simply to cheat an assessment panel. Consider the other instance where students use quotes to supplement information offered in an essay without giving credit to the original author. It demonstrates a lack of understanding on the part of students about how to apply a writing style. It is important to note that this form of duplicate content is easy to detect while editing an essay. For duplicate content copied from other sources, an essay checker as well as essay graphic organizer, would do the job.

Software companies are competing with each other to sell their brand over the internet. Basically, software that checks content on a website against millions of other websites is useful. Most schools and colleges have their own preference of anti-plagiarism software, but the purpose is the same. Students who are used to working online have found numerous uses for such software. It can locate problematic areas and allow students to correct information instantly. Anti-plagiarism software is freely available online. Students need to just download one and practice using it.

There is a better alternative available to students. Online companies have realized that they need help in compiling essays, coursework, personal statement, and dissertations. Professional companies have dedicated writers on their rolls who have many years of experience writing on varied topics. The understand the needs of students and can comply with guidelines laid down by international instructions. is a leader in the field of academic writing and offers original content that could be submitted for assessment. Their writers produce 100% original content that would be approved by any essay checker.

Adam Gordon

May 23, 2010


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