A Good Essay Deserves a Good Essay Conclusion

Essay Conclusion: what is out there beyond the end?

The requirements as for an essay format are rigid and honored by the academic traditions. It must include an introduction, the middle (main) part of an essay and a conclusion. The ending of your essay is your last chance to clarify and emphasize your main point. A fully effective ending does not simply summarise what the essay has said. It points beyond summary to reflection on the essay, or adds a final point that clinches the main one. Variants of conclusions differ according to the types of essays. An argumentative research paper must be ended by reaffirming your thesis and stating its implications. An explanatory research paper must be ended by summarising its findings and stating its implications.

Essay Conclusion: methods and techniques

There are far more imaginative ways to conclude an essay than just a summary. A good concluding paragraph will complete the paper logically and clearly, drawing a conclusion that expresses some important meaning to be found in the information presented in the essay for contest. This very meaning can be hidden, somewhat veiled and not so obvious to the audience. Your main task of the author is to illuminate this meaning and to bring it home to your readers. The concluding paragraph is like the twin of the introductory one and is most closely related to it. That is why it is advisable to reread the paper and rethink your reasoning twice to find the best applicable conclusion for the particular essay.
To end an essay effectively, you can do one of the following things:

  • make the implications of your thesis explicit;
  • echo your introduction in terms that widen its significance;
  • recommend a specific course of action, i. e. if you spoke on a theoretical level in the introductory paragraph, talk here on a practical level;
  • answer a question posed by the introduction;
  • reflect on the experience or personal statement that the essay records;
  • reaffirm your thesis with a final telling example.

Essay Conclusion: it is better not to start at all than to end badly

Any good start must flow smoothly into a good ending. The ill-judged and hasty conclusion can spoil the overall impression of the essay that is deserving a high grade in all the other respects. A prolonged ans tangled conclusion instead of a short and concise one can lead to the failure of your paper too. In the end you should give some new ideas or information to challenge the reader to think further. If the challenge is taken, the aim of your essay – that is, to move people to some positive actions – is achieved.