Essay format- Some Useful Tips You Can Use

An essay format is one of the most important factors that make an essay appealing. Everyone would like to read a well formatted essay that could make good use of fonts, color, pictures and the white space you see on a website.  Here are some useful tips on formatting that would simplify things for you.

  1. Essay titles and essay conclusion contain the most important message you can deliver to readers to help them decide about reading your essay. Make it compelling, bold and use a larger font size to gain the reader’s attention immediately. It should appear at the top of the page and center- aligned to add effect.
  2. The text has to be double spaced, especially if the essay is a student essay for assessors to highlight corrections neatly. The corrected draft should help you read though it easily. Arrows could then indicate textual editing or additions that would be very legible and visible. When corrections are adapted online, an edited version of your essay would not highlight the corrections.
  3. The page is normally aligned with a margin of 1” on the top and bottom. The left margin could be adjusted to 1.5” for easy filing. The right margin is 1.25”. This is generally maintained unless specified.
  4. Paragraphs would be identified by a five-space indentation or a tab click. Try and keep the paragraphs small, to say three to four lines. When readers find your essay online, they do not have the patience to read the whole text. They generally scan through looking for content that appeals to them. When you create space between lines and keep paragraphs small, it makes reading easy for a reader. This is a very important step to ensure a good essay format.
  5. Your essay plan has to include left alignment of text. This is standard in most cases. The pattern followed when we write essays along the margin on the left is followed online as well. The essay outline should should incorporate this.
  6. The paper size could vary as per instructions, but as a rough guideline, go in for a standard word processor page length. This would normally enable you to write a 500-word essay.
  7. There are various styles of writing including MLA, APA, and the Chicago Style formats. It depends on where you are writing your essay. Every country and even universities differ in adapting to different styles. This is not too complicated, and you can easily adapt from one form of writing to another. It just takes a bit of practice before you are very comfortable. Dissertation help can always be acquired from online reference sources like an essay bank.
  8. A general rule is to have a format that would suit the type of essay you wish to write. For example, if you were to write a global warming essay, or essay on drugs, you would use a format that could accommodate a subjective essay. The essay could be supplemented with pictures you wish to show your audience.

Use these simple but effective guidelines, and you would have no difficult y at all in creating an appealing essay format.

Daisy Nail

July 7, 2009


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