Uses Of An Essay Graphic Organizer

An essay graphic organizer could save a lot of time and effort in completing lengthy and complicated essay-writing assignments. It is a tool that organizes ideas and other content in an organized manner and can be used to compile an essay without having to form a structure. It would be similar to a ready template where writers fill in the blanks, and content is presented in compelling language. The standard format of having an introduction, a body with the required number of paragraphs, and a summarized conclusion is taken care of. The writer enters the topic and ideas for the essay statement and the introduction is formed. The same method is applied to the body and conclusion. The graphic organizer should have inbuilt software that not only organizes content in symmetrical fashion but also presents professionally-looking formatted text. Let us check out essential components of the organizer that would matter to students.

  1. The essay graphic organizer and essay checker should be user friendly. It is very important for students to get used to the software early enough to be able to complete assignments on time. If the organizer is complicated and does not have a user-friendly interface, students would be confronted with problems they did not anticipate. For example, the organizer might ask students to feed in information in the form of points, which would then be reorganized for them. This is not what students should be looking for. The latest software has an intelligent quotient fed into its program. It would use the volumes of information stored in its database, understand student needs, and present required content with very little input on their part.
  2. The software should be meticulous and accurate. In a technology essay, writers would not question methods of calculation, as it would be done by a machine which does not make mistakes. Similarly, a graphic organizer would lead writers with essay contests prompts that they would understand. It would vary with the topic. Students should get the feeling that the software understands what they are looking for. For instance, the template would include repeat information stored in a word processor. It is not geared to fulfill professional needs in terms of content. It can correct grammatical and sentence structure errors, but all the hard work would have to be done by students. In a graphic organizer, just ideas are needed. The formatting, presentation, and graphic representation is all done at the touch of a button.
  3. Students must ensure that the organizer is new and up-to-date in all aspects. For instance, the software may cater to a style of writing. If it does not allow updates, the software would not be able to incorporate the latest amendments to the style. Also, it would lead students into believing that it has fulfilled all the requirements expected of a professional essay writer.
  4. To ensure that an essay graphic organizer has the capability to churn out competitive essays, students can get similar essay projects completed by professional writers on the rolls of The company follows established methods and complies with international standards in the field of academic writing.

Adam Gordon

May 18, 2010


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