Essay On Health Is Wealth

Writing An Essay On Health Is Wealth

An essay on health is wealth is a useful exercise students should undertake to complete at some stage of their student career. Life provides opportunities to participate in events and experience the joy of discovering new and exciting things. For students to enjoy these benefits, they must be healthy and fit. It does not take any special effort on their part. A healthy mind and body would help students excel in their academic careers. Some areas where they can pay due attention to remain healthy are discussed.

  • Competition is good in all walks of life. Fit students would be able to compete in academics, sports, and other extracurricular activities. To be able to identify areas where fitness could improve, they must take part in competitions in all areas mentioned. Participation would allow them to understand how to be better prepared the next time they take part.
  • A healthy diet is vital for the growth of a student. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that their children are provided adequate nourishment to grow into a physically and mentally fit student. Students on their part should adjust to the needs of their body by eating at regular intervals. Essay titles on health is wealth would offer a proper diet menu for them to follow in school or as boarders.
  • International students would find it difficult at first to adjust to the food habits of locals. For example, a student from Southeast Asia may find it difficult to adjust initially to the type of food available in the United States. Vegetarians may have to adapt to packaged food, if they are unable to cook for themselves. Finding a community center that caters to students from their home country is a good solution to tide over problems they would face in settling down. Specifying food requirements and making requests before joining a college or university abroad may provide a suitable solution.
  • On feeling hungry, students can find always find a good meal at home. A world hunger essay outline would provide information on how many children go hungry without a proper meal is so many places around the globe. It should motivate them to appreciate the food they receive by eating healthy food on time. Avoiding abrupt changes in diet would enhance body growth and regularize the process of eating.
  • Health essays can be written to find the appropriate diet that suits a particular student. A practical exercise would be to check out different foods as part of an experiment to check out fitness and growth. The essay could be a personal account of a diet prepared out of experience. It would be a useful tool that students could use throughout their lives.
  • The internet has provided ways and means to check health factors. Students can use a healthy body calculator to measure their fitness after exercise or changed food habit. The software uses a person’s age, height, weight, daily activity, and other attributes to calculate the health factor and then suggests ways to improve health. Students writing a custom essay on health is wealth should consider all these factors.