Tips To Write An Essay On Story Structure

An essay on story structure should explain the building blocks of a good story. The basic structure is to divide it into acts or segments. The first act would have the beginning, the second would develop it, and the final act would lead to the climax of the story. This is called the three-act structure which could be adapted for any story. Essay writers who have a unique style of writing and can write custom essays and psychology coursework are always appreciated. The writing should be demonstrative and should be able to bring out the passion, suspense, or action in the story.

1.     The beginning of the story would set it up by arousing curiosity among readers. For example, the storyline need not explained in full at the start. The main characters and the plot should be introduced. Readers would immediately try to arrive at a logical ending. You would have succeeded in arousing curiosity if the plot should thicken forcing readers to read further. At the end of the introduction, ask relevant essay questions based on what was introduced. If you find questions that need to be answered in the latter part of the essay, you are on the right track.

2.    Short and process analysis essays essays need to be developed in the right context. The storyline would be developed by introducing complications, twists and turns at different junctures of the story. It is important to remember that you would not be writing a novel. An essay on story structure would attempt to show you how the storyline could be built. It could offer you ideas and help you develop characters for your essay. There are limitations on the number of words you could include in the essay. Basically, the essay should include all the elements of a good story within the structure permitted.

3.     The essay outline could incorporate the three-act structure, but your ideas should be listed out in points. When the outline is first prepared, it is not necessary to frame complete sentences. All the ideas should be incorporated in the essay. The middle portion of the story would take up most of the content as the story needs to be developed at this stage. The reader is taken through a series of highs and lows through this phase of complications. The last paragraph of the essay would only include the climax of the story.

4.     A series of events occur throughout the story, forming the plot. Your focus should be on sowing the seeds of the story. The essay structure should set up the characters. It should stress on the complications within these characters and then create a descriptive setting for these complications to occur. The story would be very compelling, if these elements are in place. Essay writers love to work on stories more then on personal statement, as they are allowed to write freely while following the few basic principles of constructing a play.

5.     Comprehending an unforgettable ending is the hallmark of a good writer. An essay on story structure would be incomplete if it lacks uniqueness which only a good storyteller can bring to the table. Working within a three-act structure or going beyond it is really left to the writer. The structure would ensure though that all the complexities that arise with the essay are accounted for.

Adam Gordon

October 30, 2009


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