Essay Summary – How To Write An Abstract That Matters

Writing an essay summary is the basic test to know whether you have the developed the process of organizing your thoughts into an essay outline. This takes time and effort. If you were given a topic you are not familiar with, do you think you could write a summary on it? You would have to gather relevant support information, understand the connection between the various arguments in support or against a topic, and then proceed to write an abstract within a paragraph or two to summarize it.

An essay summary should tell the whole story. Readers would not be familiar with the original article. For example a GCSE coursework could extend into several pages, explaining about a topic in detail. There would be several arguments placed to support the article. The summary would have to incorporate the entire message conveyed through the article. Essay writing is an art. Writing a summary requires additional skills. More often than not, readers would not have read the original article. So you have to answer all their queries within the summary.

This is a tough task that needs fine tuning and constant review. Readers have become more articulate and would readily respond to queries you may have about the summary. Ask them to comment on your essay on Diwali summary for example. You will find a lot of relevant ideas coming across. Use these ideas to improve on the next summary. Keep repeating the process till you have met all their needs and get positive replies. Start the process with friends and then publish them in the school or college magazine. If you can do that, you would have reached a high level of writing.

A summary is a short version of the original article. You have to jot down points you think are relevant at each stage of the original article and then compile them into a summary. For example, in the first paragraph, the thesis statement should be retained as it conveys the maximum information to readers. The body of the essay would incorporate arguments in support of the thesis statement. The original article would have lengthy descriptions in support or against this argument. Here, you can reduce the content keeping in mind that the message is conveyed across to readers. The process continues till you have tackled all the points.

Writing a dissertation which could extend to over 20 pages would have a lot of content to condense. It would help if you divided it into logical sections and then wrote a summary on it. You have to be careful that the summary reflects the thoughts of the original writer in total. Do not deviate from the main points at any stage. The secrets to a good English dissertation are simple. The essay summary should effectively incorporate all the headings, the sub headings, and key highlighted portions of the article.

A summary is usually written to familiarize readers with a new book or article. Readers are informed in the form of a summary. A lot of effort goes into getting as many readers to read the essay layout and summary you have written. So the message going across should reflect the thoughts of the original writer in total. There are no shortcuts to this. If you manage to get a larger audience to read your essay summary, you would have mastered the process of writing it.

Daisy Nail

December 12, 2009


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