GMAT Essay

Writing High Scoring GMAT Essays

GMAT is the test which students take when they are applying for business administration and business management degree programs. Known as the Graduate Management Admission Test, there are 3 distinct sections testing writing skills, quantitative and verbal skills. The writing section known as the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) comprise of two 30 minute essays. Being prepared well ahead for facing the GMAT essay is critical in order to score high in the test.

The AWA essay writing will require the student to write an opinion essay and one analytical essay. The opinion essay calls for the essay writer to provide their own views and perspectives on a given subject matter of controversial nature. This calls for the response essay to be a controversial essay. The analysis of argument is the essay where the student must analyse the flaws in an argument presented. The argument may contain wrongful assumptions, unjustified deductions etc. which must be proved wrong.

It is important for the students to know that the GMAT Essay is rated by computer software and a human grader. This prompts the human grader to apply strictly structured assessment criteria. In an event where the two scores differ, a third human grader is engaged to mark the essay. The involvement of a computer grading system calls for few crucial points in to the essay and GCSE English coursework writing process. Students must first of all adhere to a standard structure and present a very logical flow of the argument being presented. Locating the thesis statement or the critique statement should be precise in the essay introduction since that is where the software will look for identifying the thesis. Avoid extended personal opinions and bringing in biographical discussions in to the essay. The software compares the essay with a database of a large number of best written, high scoring essays and the student’s essay need to measure up to these. The writing style should be scientific while creative essay styles should be avoided at all costs. After all GMAT is for managerial students and not for Arts school.

Since students have only a 30 minute time frame for writing essays, prior practice will count a lot towards a good test score. This is why students must practice writing these two separate essays with past GMAT essay topics. Timing the writing process is important whereby approximately 5 minutes should be allocated to read and understand the topic and then sketch out a brief outline. This essay is short and hence a five-paragraph-essay-format is the most suitable to be used. Use of proper transition lines are essential for clarity and cogent flow of the argument being built within the body of the essay. A strong conclusion will restate the opinion for the issue essay and the critique for the argument analysis essay.

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