How to Get Your Essay Written If You Are Totally Exhausted

A very unusual situation has happened to me recently. To begin with, I need to say that I am a 2-year college student and a very good one. I’m not bragging as I’ve just heard it from many teachers already. I have never had any problems with studying, deadlines, paper writing, and different assignments. I am a responsible and well-organized person. I thought I was invincible. How silly of me!

It was an ordinary task to write an essay on the chosen topic, so I began my usual work. As the topic was already picked up, I started with organising my thoughts. I put them on paper to see connection and links between my ideas more clearly. Everything looked just fine. I wrote the introduction in no time and then began my work on the body of the essay. Somewhere in the middle of the second abstract, I realised that I have a more urgent task to deal with at that moment, so I put this college essay aside. I decided to come back to it later.

When the deadline was already on the horizon, I got back to my paperwork. But suddenly I couldn’t put my thoughts together. A couple of hours later nothing changed, so I had to choose: should I go to sleep or should I finish my essay? But I was too tired to finish it that day, so I went to bed. The next day I came back to my essay with a clear mind, but the track was lost for good. I had somehow to motivate myself to finish that stupid essay, but I didn’t know how to do it. I tried to read the introduction and thesis to remember how I wanted to finish my essay earlier. Unfortunately, nothing worked out for me.

Seeing how tired I was, my mum suggested me to use online help. At first, I didn’t understand what she was talking about. She explained that there are special companies that specialise in writing college papers and they can quickly do my assignment for me. I couldn’t believe my ears. I always thought my mum was against such things! But after we talked everything over, I realised that it is OK to ask for help when you really need it. I got in touch with one of such online services and explained them the situation I was in. I needed to finish my essay, but I was so tired! And I didn’t have much time left – the deadline was already looming. Apparently, that was not a problem at all, and my essay was finished in a couple of hours.

I have never thought of myself as someone who would ask professional writers to help me finish my essay. But sometimes the situation forces you to seek help from others. I am not ashamed of it as I am still the same responsible student. Sometimes I simply need to recharge my creative batteries. And while I do that outside help is what I choose.

Adam Gordon

April 20, 2017


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