A Hero Essay To Reflect On Modern Day Heroes

A hero essay gives you the opportunity to write on heroes who you believe have made the world a better place to live in. The definition of a hero may vary according to the qualities you see in him or her. Some would find a master tactician a hero, while others may see the lead player of a movie as one. The real heroes are the ones that make a positive difference in our lives, who inspires us on writing courseworks. What they do affect us in a way that we look up to them as a role model. There are many modern day heroes we could speak about. Let us go through a few names that people would love to emulate.

Heroes have this uncanny habit of being at the right place at the right time. When we go to the movies, we are actually looking forward to the hero performing daring acts defying gravity. They always seem to appear larger than life. Modern-day heroes may look different, but have the same spirit of adventure of ancient heroes. Children can identify themselves with Superman and Batman. The children seek out heroes that demonstrate qualities that are supernatural. They love to let their imagination run wild even if they do understand that these are fictional heroes they love.

In a very queer way, Johnny Depp of “Pirates of the Caribbean” has found a place in the hearts of many, young and old. Purely fictional, the power he has and the acts he performs, though everything seems quite comical, are acts every individual would dream of being able to emulate. Harry Potter is a hero of nearly every modern-day child and teenager. They do mind the witches, sorcerers, giants, and weird characters that seem to pop up from the imagination of the author right out of the novel.

Many countries still love and encourage parliamentary democracy under kings and queens. One such hero in the sight of the Spanish people is King Juan Carlos I. Crowned King in 1975 after the death of a dictator, he was brought to power after 38 years under dictatorship. You could write descriptive essays on King Juan Carlos 1. The people love him. In the course of 18 years as king, he has renewed and nurtured cultured ties with Latin American and other Spanish speaking countries. A keen sportsman with interests in skiing and sailing, the King has greatly encouraged the Olympic movement.

Going back a bit further, maybe referring to a history coursework, you could write about Winston Churchill, a national hero. Many people in Britain feel they owe Winston Churchill a great debt of gratitude. He was instrumental in deferring the fascist forces of Germany during World War II. Adolf Hitler threatened to overrun Europe with military force but was stopped by Britain which formed a last outpost under Churchill’s leadership. You could write and proofread a good essay on the feats achieved during World War II.

David Beckham is a hero to many people worldwide for his achievements in soccer and the world of fashion. People follow sports and fashion through the medium of television. What David has achieved in the field for his club and country has made him a hero not just in Britain but in the eyes of many around the world. His exploits in the world of fashion and advertisement has made him a cult figure.

Essay writers have written several sample dissertations on the role of modern day heroes. You would need to just refer to a few of these samples to get ideas of how to elaborate on ideas about heroes in your hero essay.

Adam Gordon

November 2, 2009


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