How To Write A Descriptive Essay

If you want to learn how to write a descriptive essay, start writing on personal experiences. It would be a pleasurable experience and a good starting point for tougher assignments as you progress in school or college. It is easy to start writing about yourself, and you probably would have many interesting things to write about. Assignments basically follow a common pattern, which is to inform readers about an event, person or object. There are some basic differences though which you should know while writing descriptive essays.

1.     There should be no room for doubt in the mind of a reader. The essay you write should be elaborate and complete in every sense. For example, if you describe your visit to the museum, try and list out all the events that took place when you visited it. Harp on personal experiences and not on informing readers about the museum itself. It would be a case of trying to fill in too much content into a short essay.

2.     Before writing o any topic, make a note of points you could write about. The essay format is simple and universal. You first write the introduction and introduce your topic. In the body of the essay, think of four or five points you write about the topic. Finally, conclude with a summary of what you discussed in the body of the essay.

3.     Spend some time brainstorming on narrative essay topics, and spend even more time on essay titles. This is the most important session you would be going through before writing an essay. The essay might be a routine school or college assignment. It could be a mandatory college entrance exam requirement. The essay title you choose would determine how many readers would actually want to read your essay. It has to be compelling and must draw readers to it like a magnet.

4.     Keep readers informed with valuable information. Through a descriptive essay, you could inform readers about something they did not know. For example, if you were to visit a museum, an artifact might have just arrived for public viewing. You could write about your personal experiences when you first set your eyes on it. Become an expert on the topic and people would willingly listen to what you have to say.

5.     A student is not expected to write philosophically. While writing, try and limit your description to what you actually encountered. A student analysis essay would be simple, easy to understand, and with examples that other students can relate to. If you are writing as a critic, it would help if you refer to what other experts on the subject have to say about your topic. You need not base your comments totally on their comments, but when you agree with a point of view, elaborate on it in your essay.

6.     Keep a tab on the number of words you include in your hero essay. As you learn how to write a descriptive essay, it becomes easier to keep control over the content. For example, you could assume that a page in your word processor would accommodate around 500 words.

Try and follow some of these basic guidelines, and remember that practice is the key to your success.

Daisy Nail

September 4, 2009


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