Guidelines on Writing a Thesis

In any writing, creating a thesis statement is critical since it gives a brief overview of the expected results, the scholar will find in the paper. What is a thesis? This is a question asked by most students. As mentioned above a thesis is just a summary of the occurrences in a paper or book. Any arguments or points made in the article should rhyme with the thesis statement.

Length is vital when developing a thesis statement. The statement should be around one or two sentences long. It should contain the topic of the paper as well as a summary of the article.

When writing a thesis statement, there are some points to note:

  • The positioning of the thesis statement

The positioning of the thesis is much essential, just as the argument itself. The thesis should always appear at the start of the essay to enable the reader to know what he or she will find in the essay. When a writer positions his statement in the last paragraph, it will be hard to know what the paper will be conveying which renders the whole article useless.

  • What to write in the thesis statement

Choice of words to a writer is always crucial as it maps you individually and your artwork. In this case, with only the thesis statement, one can be in a position to distinguish between a good writer and a great writer.

You should not use vague words in your thesis statement. Obscure words can discourage the reader from reading your work; thus such words should be avoided at all costs.

  • Thesis statement structure and format

Most writers do not take this question seriously, but it is a contributing factor to the provision of a well-structured thesis

Besides, your statement should be circumstantial, distinct and precise to attract the reader

  • Avoid general words

A thesis statement, as indicated above, should be accurate, clear, and precise hence there is no room for general ideas and points, as that will leave the reader confused.

Finally, you should ensure that your thesis statement brings out the aspect of originality In writing, we advocate for originality, as it is the backbone to content creation, which is an essential part of story writing.

When talking of originality, thesis writing service is what you need when having no time. Therefore this means that there is no room for copy, pasting, and plagiarism.

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PhD Thesis Writing Criteria

Thesis writing is in different categories, one being PhD. The following procedures should stand when writing a PhD thesis:

  • Think of what you want to write about
  • Develop a catchy summary from what you are going to write about
  • Carefully plan the thesis structure by creating a draft
  • Do not be predictable hence avoid writing chronologically but employ creativity
  • Employ the use of writing skills with the aid of creativity
  • You should be concerned with plagiarism and to be safe check your work after completion using tools such as copy scape and Turnitin
  • Ask a friend to read your thesis and give feedback
  • From the feedback amend where necessary and beef up where the revised part

Before even writing, a writer should first be conversant with writing a thesis introduction

Being the scariest part to students,  Some of the points to note before beginning the introductory section are:

  • Audience identification

The writer should first evaluate and put into consideration his audience or target readers. This will help him in coming up with ideas on what to write.

  • How to create a catchy introduction for your audience

The introductory part will determine whether readers will be eager to read your work, or they will turn down your work. Hence, the first sentence is crucial, and choice of words should be excellent to attract the attention of your audience.

  • Background Reviewal

The writer has to provide his audience with relevant background information to enable the viewer to understand quickly the data presented in the thesis.

  • Provide a general overview of what you are covering

This is not limited to a proper description of the writers’ motives and intention of composing the paper, an analysis of the papers scope,  practical validity, and relevance of the article.

This is what constitutes a proper thesis introduction.

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A point not to forget is writing a thesis conclusion. This is a critical part as it articulates to a properly structured thesis. Thesis conclusion is the last part of your thesis statement. The following are guidelines for writing a reasonable thesis conclusion;

  • A conclusion should answer a research question which is the central part of the thesis statement
  • Give a precise and specific summary of the research conducted in addition to a reflection on the research
  • Thesis conclusion should be inclusive of recommendations from the writer
  • Finally, have an emphasis on the contributions

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October 17, 2019


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