How To Write An Analysis Essay

How to write an analysis essay is an exercise you would have to master if you want to learn how to write thesis. Analytical skills are inherent in all of us. It just takes a bit of polishing and practice till we get it right. You start with the basics and then learn to write on advanced topics or even topics you are not too familiar with. Skills can be developed. It just needs some application and knowledge of some basics.

1.     All essays, even descriptive essays, have some common elements in them. They have an introduction, a body of several paragraphs, and a summary of what was said earlier. Do not reinvent the wheel. This is the basic first step to any essay. You choose a topic after giving it some thought, and work on it through it through the step mentioned above.

2.     Initially, choosing the topic is important. You cannot afford to spend too much time on a topic you are not familiar with. You would never be sure of the content. In school or college, choose a good essay topic you would have completed in class. If you wish to write on a not-so-common topic, think of a sub topic of the same.

3.     An analytical essay would test your logical skills and at the same time would pose a challenge to present your essay in a way that would interest readers. There is a way to do this. Think of a comparative history essay. Compare your thesis statement with arguments justified by other authors. Just make sure they are well known and the source of information is genuine.

4.     Do not deviate from the specifics. It would be easy to harp of several points regarding the topic only to find yourself giving opinions based on only what you think. This would lead to a situation where you might find it difficult to justify your statements. The best course of action therefore would be to stick to arguments which can be backed by proof.  Readers would find it easy to identify with statements that contain reference to a website or quote from a book.

5.     An analytical essay follows the trend of custom essays. It has to have your mark on it. The reference material you use only enhances the content you introduce. This would mean that the language used is your own. You could get essay help from different sources, but the style of writing should be unique.

6.     Make it easy for people to understand and analyze the points themselves. Though the topic remains the same, you would have listed several points which were then expanded upon to form the arguments for or against the thesis statement. If you succeed in creating a logical flow of text in support of each point and then link the points together, readers would, in most cases, agree with your point of view.

7.     Connecting with an audience is the most important part of analysis. Your viewpoint would be accepted by assessors and other readers if you allow them to participate in the discussion. How to write an analysis essay would then be an easy exercise and would get you high scores in any competitive exam.

Daisy Nail

September 2, 2009


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