How To Write Conclusions With Confidence

When you can summarize what you have written in your essay, you already know how to write conclusions with confidence. A conclusion is just an extension of your essay which concludes it by elaborating on the thesis statement and ends logically covering in short all that has been discussed through your essay.

The conclusion should be based on the established norms of writing good essays. If you know how to write essay introductions and how to elaborate the thesis statement in the body of the essay, you are already familiar with how to write good essays. There are some practical aspects you should take care of to really impart confidence to a reader about the quality of your essay.

1.  Your conclusion should summarize what the thesis statement expressed in the introduction. You have justified the statement in the body of the essay. Now you have to summarize the stand you had taken and explained through the body of the essay in the conclusion.

2.  Take care not to introduce any new fact or statement in the conclusion. This would create confusion in the minds of readers, and the logic you strove to establish throughout the essay would be lost. Readers would tend to lose orientation and the expectancy that the conclusion should hold a particular point of view would be lost.

3.  You cannot summarize all that you have said earlier in your essay. The ideal way to go about this would be to refer to the essay outline that you had written. Use justifications you feel would support or oppose the thesis statement the most. It is not necessary to include all the points, just the main points you think is justified. The ending cannot be abrupt or the reader would feel deprived of a logical conclusion. You should therefore try to include all the main points you discussed throughout the essay.

4.  When you write custom essays, you are at liberty to choose essay topics of your choice, even malayalam essay. The conclusion in any case should highlight the topic you chose. It should be short and to the point. You cannot justify a statement that was not included in the introduction just because it is a custom essay. Therefore, select the topic with care and include arguments that are in agreement with each other about the same topic and thesis statement.

5.  An essay plan should always be in place before where you already have an introduction, a body of a few paragraphs, and a conclusion. If you are writing a descriptive essay or human rights essay, you can include sub topics, but you have to connect the various arguments and justifications to the main topic. These points would help you in drafting your conclusion. Remember to link all these points to the introduction and the thesis statement.

6.  In time you will learn how to write conclusions that would clearly meet the objective of explaining to readers the reason for writing the essay, the justifications presented in the body of the essay, and your view point that should be in agreement with quite a few readers.

Daisy Nail

July 21, 2009


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