Human Rights Essay

A Human Rights Essay Allows Students Impart Awareness of a Critical Social Issue

All humans individual have basic rights which are protected by law. These include rights of freedom, rights of equality, right of speech, right to an education  etc. By upholding them legally as well through socially accepted value systems, these rights are safeguarded and preserved to improve the quality of life of people. However, there are many instances where these rights are violated and sometimes this happens in quite blatant and horrific manner. The Human Rights Essay will therefore require students to discuss various aspects related to this topic. The essay may be a general English writing coursework in some cases or written as a law essay, sociology essay or law enforcement coursework. Since this is a wide topic area, students will benefit by a narrowed down subject area to focus on.

Human Rights are those fundamental rights which all humans, regardless of their cast, creed, race, nationality, gender or any other differences has equal rights and entitlement to by being born as a human. These rights are ratified by various International Conventions and safeguarded by international bodies. No government has the right to abolish these rights. The Laws to protect Human Rights are codified in Acts passed by parliament and aligned with the internationally ratified laws. It is important that these laws are cited properly in the essay being written. Even if the Human Rights Essay is not related to a Law course module, the citing of applicable laws adds authenticity to the facts and statements being made within the essay. There are different rights protected under the topic of Human Rights.

Right of Life – The most fundamental of Human rights is the right for life. No one has the right to take another’s life and even in war situations, the civilians have a right to have safety of their lives ensured. However, this is far from being adhered in real life situations and organisations such as Amnesty International, UN and ICRC work closely to enforce internationally recognized rights of life and rights of prisoners of war. This is an excellent argumentative and informative essay idea as students can discuss the two sides of the story. Those who take a pro-military stance may state that some militants such as terrorists are not entitled to any rights, given the heinous terrors that have brought upon civilians. Others may argue that even though the terrorists or other militants have committed crimes, the government forces have a greater responsibility to safeguard and respect Human Rights.

Freedom of Speech, Right for Information – Here it is stated that individuals have the right to express their ideas and their views trough freedom of speech. Under this right, a person has the right to express positive or negative opinions of a subject without being subjected to punishment, or forced in to speaking against his or her own opinions. Right for information is closely aligned with freedom of the media. The rights of the media to investigate and disseminate information that the general public has the right to know are treated as a fundamental right of humans. Student pursing media studies may find themselves facing assignments on Human Rights Essay addressing the right of information, assigned with the aim of developing their awareness on the matter.

Other Rights – Other main rights include the Right for equality in front of the law, Right for education, Rights of Association, Right for religion etc. Some of these topics can be ideal topics for controversial essays that can be hotly debated upon. Discriminating on the grounds of gender, nationality and race are violations of human rights. Such discriminations which students may have addressed in Racial Profiling Essay can also be tapped on to when writing this essay on the equality aspects of fundamental rights.

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