I Hate Essay Writing and Here’s Why

Why I hate Poetry essay? Why do I hate History composition? Why do I hate Science research? Because this is all waste of time and energy! I’m a third year student and since the day one at college, I literally hated doing all my written assignments in any subject. Major or minor, it doesn’t matter, as long as the whole gig steals my evening and gives me sleepless hours.

All in all, I hate all types of papers, from small book reviews to any sorts of term papers. The only thing I can actually write is an essay on why I hate writing essays. Look, I’ve been doing essays in school, isn’t it enough to prove I’m good at it? Why task me with more and more papers, while no employee has ever given a donkey’s ear about employee’s essays? This is beyond the scope of my comprehension of this world. Do you feel me here, yeah?

I hate this essay and it hates me back!

What also grinds my gears is that all these professors and faculties pretend doing essays is more important than exploring Mars or curing cancer, or whatever. I also hate putting quotes in my essay because it implies reading about MLA or APA reference styles, which is hands down my worst nightmare coming alive. Think I hate to do essay assignments because at the end of the day I think it’s a worthless, mindless and extremely wearisome thing to do. Don’t I have anything to do after classes besides doing another case study?

NO… ONE… CARES! After graduation, no one cares about how many essays you did, how many books you reviewed and how many cases you’ve studied. Does your professor say essays aim to garnish your critical thinking or analytical skills? For God’s sake, if you can’t connect the dots regarding any issue of interest, write as many essays as you please, but them dots won’t be connected anyways!

Guys, I kindly ask you to wake up and start thinking straight. I hate math essay writing and feel you hate it too, so open up your eyes wide and decide what can be made to fix things. You can’t change the educational system where essays are more important than studying textbooks. However, you can change the way you treat essays just like I did back in the day. God bless that moment!

I also hate the extended essay, so here’s what I do instead

I hate my essay assignments, and that’s a given. Label me nonconformist, but I absolutely hate writing an essay based on hate, so here’s what I do instead. Some money will be required, though.

  • Get another hateful essay task
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  • Fill in the form fields, provide essay applicable specifications
  • Set the deadline
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Essays are formidable things which nevertheless have to be submitted in time. That’s another nail in the coffin filled with essays – they are must-do in any case, unless I want to receive a lower grade in a subject and disappoint parents. Do I? Of course not, that’s why an essay writing company where educated writers do papers from scratch is my number one choice.

Daisy Nail

April 18, 2017


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