Identity Theft Essay

An identity theft essay would invariably highlight the ever-growing menace of impostors using another person’s personal information for personal gain. According to Javelin Strategy & Research, a leading research provider using statistical data for analytical research, reported that identity theft is on the rise. In 2008 alone, there were around 10 million people affected by this problem. It can happen at any time, any place. Credit cards could be stolen by a pickpocket and then used to buy goods online. Fraudulent dealings take place within a week after a credit card is stolen. This is just one type of identify fraud. A brief description of some of the major types of identity fraud has been listed in the essay introduction for your convenience.

Frauds Love To Steal Credit Cards: A stolen card can be used to purchase items without paying for it, or to gain unauthorized entry into an account with the intention of siphoning out funds. It is therefore not advisable to get a credit card over the internet. Hackers can get hold of all your personal information and then use it for illegal activities. Highlight this is your identity theft custom essay. A safe method to prevent serious damage is to keep track of your credit account and report unaccounted withdrawals or online purchases to the authorities immediately. It is imperative that you report fraud immediately. Credit card companies cannot hold you responsible for a fraudulent transaction, but clearing your name and getting further credit would be really very difficult.

They Don’t Spare The Sick Either: Once they have gathered a patient’s information, cheats have devised means to identify themselves as the patient and receive benefits. This type of fraud is very much on the rise. Protecting a patient’s identity is a major issue in the medical field. The internet has allowed these cheats to impersonate unsuspecting patients. Minimal checks are in place, and a patient could get a hefty medical bill from collection centers for services never rendered. You could write a custom dissertation on this topic.

A Visit To A Local Bank Is Better: There have been instances where checks have been manipulated and amounts changed. A stolen ATM card could be used to withdraw sums of money. Business studies coursework could be compiled on this problem. It is therefore always better never to write down the pass code and keep it in a wallet.

Important Documents Can Be Manipulated:  A cheat could submit documents to get a license in another person’s name. This is very serious and the government has very strict rules to prevent it. Relevant information is submitted to obtain a social security number. Someone with malicious intent can use this information to apply for credit. They may obtain several credit cards and charge them before someone actually comes to know. A business and history essay should highlight the precautions to be taken.

The Internet Is Not Always Safe:  Online scams have increased tremendously. People pretend to represent the governments, banks, and payment processors to gather personal information. Phishing is another major menace. People use websites to confront online users and then gather personal information including passwords. One should never click on the anchor text leading to payment processors through these websites. Eventually, taking precaution is the best solution to avoid problems. Aim to write an identity theft essay that summarizes and highlights the latest precautions to be taken. You can get relevant custom essays on this topic from several sources over the internet.

Daisy Nail

December 19, 2009


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