Intellectual Property Essay

An intellectual property essay can raise pertinent questions about infringements that occur in the laws governing intellectual property, which is a creation of the mind. Basically, artistic intellectual property rights are certified with copyrights while industrial or commercial intellectual rights are protected by patents or trademarks. As technology gets better and better, so do the methods used in patent infringements. It does take a very long time before legal matters are settled. There are loopholes that are exploited not only domestically but also in other countries.

The process of identifying intellectual property is detailed and variations occur due to the sheer speed at which technology moves. For example, intellectual property would cover work of art like published literary books, songs, lyrics, etc. There is a very thin line dividing copyright infringement, which can be highlighted in a custom essay. It covers all sources of information that authors would need to protect as their own. Such works could include records, reports, client lists, published works, trademarks, business strategies and models. Though it is very difficult to prove copyright infringement, the process of detection has been fine tuned to resolve many issues within a reasonable time frame.

Patent law is a specialized field and highly qualified individuals study the laws governing the way companies and trade functions. An intellectual property descriptive essay can establish that licensing is big business today and growing. Companies and business owners are always wary and fear that their ideas and inventions might be stolen. They are willing to hire individuals just to protect these valuable assets. A new start-up company with a brilliant business plan might launch an intellectual property campaign that was probably not seen before in the industry. It then becomes important that the company prevents others from copying its ideas.

The first assignment is to identify your intellectual property and then define it. Controversial essay questions should be raised to explain where it fits into the overall scheme of things. The approach should be such that every bit of useful information should be patented. Some methods are mentioned below that would safeguard intellectual property interests.

  1. Original literature, music, drama, and other artistic works can be protected by copyright. The protection is offered to the form of expression and not the subject matter. The periods for which copyright is available depends on the date of publication. For example, those works created in 1978 and beyond last for as long as the author lives plus another 70 years.
  2. For a very long time now, companies have been protecting their inventions by keeping them secret, but this would not prevent others to copy the process and claim the invention to be their own. Confidentiality contracts and other legal bindings have limits of jurisdiction that involves lengthy legal bindings to fulfill. Essay help can be sought to prove this. Nowadays, trade secrets are maintained if the invention is not suitable to get intellectual property protection.
  3. In many cases, trademarks are more useful that can identify and distinguish between the goods of one party from another. Trademarks could be in the form of text, symbols, or designs. The intellectual property essay or custom coursework has to take into account all these factors and bring them to the notice of readers.

Daisy Nail

January 12, 2010


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