Malayalam Essay

Attempting A Malayalam Essay

Writing a Malayalam essay should be an interesting exercise for students from South India. Many of them come from Kerala and speak the language. Keralites are enterprising people who have moved across to different parts of the world. They have this unique quality of blending with the local population wherever they go. Earlier, Keralites would move to the Middle East to earn their living but have now successfully moved to other parts of the world. As the language is widely spoken, it is easy to find people speaking the language in countries like USA and UK. With the internet providing scope to send documents and design pages in Malayalam, it would not be beyond a student to write an essay using the language. Speaking in Malayalam is easy and comes naturally to students from the region, but writing an essay is not everybody’s cup of tea. There is every possibility that students would not have had many opportunities to write an academic paper in the language. They should therefore welcome the opportunity to write an essay.

Follow the standard norm of writing a 3-paragraph essay or a 5-paragraph essay. Writing a lengthy literature essay would not be of much appeal to the audience. The idea of using the standard format and knowing how to write a conclusion is to be able to present content in a manner that has worked consistently in the past. The purpose of writing an essay in Malayalam would be to review a topic of interest to people of the region or to present the culture and intricacies of the language. A Malayalam essay could be easily written using the standard formats.

Students may not find information over the internet in the Malayalam language. They must therefore write on topics that cover Kerala and the surrounding regions. For example, they could write on tourist locations, dress code of Keralites, politics in the region, origin of the language, or history of the land. Other topics could include writing on Keralites who have settled in other parts of the world. People would be interested in knowing how they reached the position they are in or how they managed to keep in touch with the language.

Offline research would be a good option while writing the essay. Students may not have to write in Malayalam for academic reasons, as most colleges across the globe would use English as their medium of instruction or a common language spoken in the country. Limited online research options should not deter students from writing the essay or marketing assignment. Using the topics mentioned, they can refer to books published by the government related to travel and tourism in Kerala. Such books would have valuable information on the culture, tourist destinations, and other information.

Referring to local newspapers would be a good option to gather fresh information on any topic. Online daily newspapers are available to help students write on recent topics. The idea is to write an interesting Malayalam essay that would be appreciated by an audience interested in recent developments taking place. If students are able to present valuable information to an audience using their literary skills in Malayalam, they would have succeeded in writing an effective essay.