MBA Essay

Learn To Write A Competitive MBA Essay

An MBA essay would probably decide whether a student gets a seat to a chosen business administration program. Every year, millions of students from across the globe search for the term “MBA” through search engines. Some look for information on how to apply for an international MBA program. Others look for a specialized program that deals with their area of expertise. Many universities offer such specialized courses. Invariably, the number of students applying for admission has increased. Universities appoint highly-trained professional assessors to ensure that the admission process is effective. They consider the entrance essay as an important tool for selecting candidates. Students have to submit a personal essay along with their business school application. Students should therefore practice writing MBA and ISB essays before arriving at the optimum one that can be submitted.

1.       Assessors are keen on selecting the right candidates for the study program. They depend a lot on inputs they can gather from submitted essays. They come to know the students through them. The importance of including the right information should therefore not be lost on students. An MBA program would teach students how to run a business or help in a designated process. Some may opt for marketing, while others may choose human resources or other functions. Assessors need to know whether students would be capable of performing in their chosen field.

2.       A personal essay would enable aspiring MBA students to express their viewpoints on success and the approach to be taken. For example, the essay question might ask them to write an essay on their goals and aspiration on successfully completing the two-year program. How would they hope to benefit and how would they prepare for it. Answering these questions would not be too difficult, as they would have planned for it. Expressing oneself in a clear and concise manner is more important. Assessors would have to get a clear message.

3.       Each program poses challenges or difficulties that are inherent in the learning process. It is important for aspiring students to identify those problems. It would help if they would have taken the initiate to seek guidance or prior tuition on overcoming them. Assessors would get an inclination of how serious students are about the program.

4.       Business is all about communicating with people. Students who are outgoing and can build relationships have a great chance of demonstrating their prowess in their MBA essays or math coursework. Aspiring candidates must make a serious attempt at arriving at a unique style of writing. Assessors need to be impressed not only by the language skills used but also by the understanding of the subject demonstrated. Using appropriate terminology and reference information would show the amount of groundwork already done by a student.

5.       An MBA program changes its curriculum to suit the needs of industry. Candidates who have spent several years in industry before choosing to study further should be able to indicate a much higher level of expertise in the chosen subject. This would definitely enhance their chances of gaining admission. They need to build a profile in their MBA essay that is impressive and complete.