MBA Application Essay

Impressing Your Selectors with the MBA Application Essay

Students have to write various types of essays in different stages of his academic life. One of the important essays would be the MBA application essay which targets the admission committee selectors of the Masters of Business Administration degree program. This is a highly competitive degree and especially so if the student aims to join top rated business schools to pursue the study. The essay will lay the foundation for a turning point in one’s life as the degree will imparts high caliber knowledge for business executives to enhance their managerial and leadership skills in organisations. Furthermore, a MBA degree from a top business school will open many windows of opportunities in senior management positions where the individual is able to apply their sharpened business management skills.

MBA application essay is rather similar to writing a business school or law essay but the academic level being applied for is specific in terms of Masters Admission essay. At Masters Degree level, the applicant is expected to possess a minimum work experience of a number of years that allows the study program to combine learning points with practical organisational settings. Therefore, the MBA Admission Essay will need to highlight the work experience and place the personal strengths related to management within the framework of organisational context. In addition, the essay should also include essential information about the applicant’s qualifications, career achievements and about the goals that the applicant is planning to reach. The paragraph essay question should be manipulated to impart information on the applicant’s present and future goals and work experience in the field of management. It should also contain an assessment of strength; identifying gaps in managerial skills and how the MBA is expected to bridge those gaps.

Writing an effective entrance essay is not a simple task. It should not be attempted in a rush and completed shoddily. Students who are at a stage to apply for a Masters degree are no strangers to university studies as they would have completed their Bachelors degrees by this time. Therefore, the basics of essay writing need no introduction or reiteration. However, here are few basics which are worth repeating that can greatly enhance or diminish the quality of an admission essay.  The purpose of the essay is to differentiate and “market” the applicant to the audience. The outcome desired is to be selected from out of a vast number of applicants. Usually the acceptance rate to a top ranking MBA program is as low as 30%.  Students must therefore seize this ammunition and target it precisely to the heart and mind of the selector. While the selectors will be looking at the entire application is an objective fashion, there is a certain degree of subjectivity involved in reviewing the MBA Admission Essay. This subjectivity is exercised when evaluating the applicant’s character, values, life dreams and even circumstances. For instance, selectors may appreciate the driving determination of a financially deprived applicant who has nonetheless pursued his education with tiring efforts of running a small business while continuing with his studies. Details of managing the business in this context will demonstrate the business acumen of the student.

Writing an impressive and effective MBA Admission essay is one of the key priorities of a student planning to engage in Masters level business studies. However the hurdle of getting through the selection process is no doubt a pressing issue. excels in all types of essay writing help from creative essay to accounts or science essay. Admission essays written by our highly capable writers has helped many thousands over the years to get admittance to the college of their dreams.  A separate group of writers specialize on the admission essay tasks alone, making these essays outstanding in quality. Place an order for your admission essay and submit a captivating essay that convinces the selectors that you should definitely be within their student body.

Daisy Nail

September 30, 2016


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