Help me. I lost my essay. Already started packing home. is a professional paper writing service present on the market for nearly a decade. Throughout the years we’ve received thousands of calls dealing with cases of students accidentally deleting or figuratively losing their papers due to negligence, human error, force-majeure circumstances such as power shutdown or old laptop freezing, etc.

“I lost my essay and tomorrow is the due date, please help!”

“My laptop died, and I lost my essay. Please, anybody, tell me what to do.”

“Teacher lost my essay. I just can’t believe it!”

These three are perhaps the most wide-spread cases Support managers and writers on our website have to deal with. Some students lose compositions and book reviews; others lose more complex and challenging papers such as coursework or even a thesis. Can you image how it feels… losing a paper you’ve been working on for a couple of months in just one second? Power cord snapped, PC shut down, file wasn’t saved.

When you have to roll back to a previously saved copy of a document and re-write a couple of pages once again is half a trouble, you might even want to consider yourself lucky. But when there’s a serious system failure and the entire document is lost, this makes young students grey in the hair while they’re in their early twenties.

Mac laptop crashed, and I lost my essay” – Many a student chooses to switch to Mac’s after using Windows because Apple Store offers a lot of convenient student applications and programs. However, academicians tend to confuse hotkeys and general workflow they were used to on Windows, which leads to documents and other files being boggled and even lost for good. Although Mac users are highly recommended to keep a copy of the most important files on the iCloud, many users, especially those coming from Windows ignore that recommendation.

I just lost my paper that I’ve been working on all day, can you tell me what to do?

IT specialist might probably help you restore a deleted or lost file, or at least some part of it. However, this isn’t a work done in a jiffy, plus results may vary, so we know what the outcome of such manipulations will be. In the meantime, the clock is ticking, and the submission due date approaches by second.

To secure the escape route and have your back covered, the wisest choice is to order a new plagiarism-free manuscript from The teacher might’ve lost your essay; wild raccoons might’ve stormed your room while you had been sleeping at night – things happen in life and those things aren’t always uplifting. Therefore, we suggest you having a backup plan in case of essay losing/accidentally deleting/deadline missing/sudden party having emergency. At the moment, £16.29 per page of original, individually tailored academic content is the price of your good sleep and quality paper submitted against all odds.

Daisy Nail

April 19, 2017


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