My College Essay Sucks, Wanted to Kill Myself Yesterday

Why didn’t I? Because I had no time, HAD… TO… WRITE… MY… FREAKIN’… ESSAY! Every time I feel like my essay sucks big time, I go suicidal. It hangs my head so much I nearly hit the floor; this is how depressing and mind-wrecking essays are to me. Hate them! Essays are evil!

Remember a professor told me once, “Steven, your essay sucks! It’s just hopeless, young man!” Hey, can a professor say things like that to a student in the first place?

You know what, Professor Baldhead, go… write yourself! Two thousand fifty-five people read my blog every day, so I definitely know a thing or two about writing. It’s just, I can’t do your stupid compositions, topics stink, deadlines are always burning, and you… YOU are one bold son of a monkey! 

I suck at essay writing, who cares?

There’s one thing I’m 100% confident about. When you heat the water, it boils. Moon circles around Earth. Employers don’t care how many essays you’ve written. They don’t even care what your dissertation topic was. Do the job well or leave.

The moment you understand that is the moment you reach Academic Enlightenment. He or she will always criticise your work. Google pays me to place ads on my website, and this educated fool tells my essay sucks, how is that even possible? Does my essay suck?

Nah, lads, I’m not wasting any more precious seconds of my life doing essays. Does he think my paper suck? I’m not a little boy making first steps on campus any longer. Young lad became a man. A man with a plan.

I need those good grades, though…

To prevent any bold in the head, fat in the belly, blind in the eye college professor from saying that I suck at essays, I decided to explore the possibilities of becoming a customer of That’s a dependable academic ghostwriting website where folks who’ve already graduated help folks who seek to graduate soon. For a reasonable price, of course.

Can a professor say my college essay sucks after he or she takes a gander into a professionally drafted manuscript purchased online? If yes, then a person is a lunatic. If no, then the sum invested into a genuinely written composition, coursework or whatever is it you order was worth spending. I’d better write another article for my blog readers and get tons of quid from Google, rather than crouched over one more stupid composition. Although I can’t love essays, I actually suck at them, I admit doing papers well constitutes a larger share of a grade in a subject. For me, I’ve already found the solution – custom writing all the way to graduation. You? Make a deliberate choice. Opt-in for an originally done paper and no one will ever tell you that you suck at essays again.

Daisy Nail

April 12, 2017


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