My Philosophy Education Essay

My philosophy education essay incorporates a simple theory. Students have the right to the type of education they seek. Their needs have to be assessed in detail and all help in terms of options open to them should be provided at the right time. Students of ethnic backgrounds have a strong family structure that provides support in an environment which establishes them as a minority. Irrespective of their socio-economic or religious background, the same fundamental platform should be extended to all such students. In many cases, it may be left to education committees to devise means and strategies to reach out to them. A more personal approach should be adapted without giving into a quota system or providing other special treatment based on their minority status. The approach could incorporate evaluation of essays written on topics like Jaws essay, that they can express themselves better.

Geographic distances do not matter in modern times. Technology has opened the doors to better methods of instruction. Systems are in place to support teachers. The approach has to be oriented more towards a global classroom. For example, a simulated classroom can now expose students to the benefits of learning from a physicist simply because he chose to use the medium of instruction. More complete education can be provided to students who are totally involved in a forum that encourages members from across the globe. It does not really matter what subject is being discussed. It could be essay writing or nuclear physics. The internet has provided the means to share reference material and URLs that offer great insight into detailed aspects of the subject. My philosophy education essay would cover this in great detail.

Essay help can be provided in real time through the same platform, and it can be sent out to any number of students who would need it. The purpose of writing an essay on philosophy should be to address social reforms and fill the void where it seems difficult to include it in the short term. The right to complete education extending to college is an area that needs to be addressed. This is a complicated issue where students have the right to choose a career after attaining any level of education. Creativity in the classroom should be supplemented with college education. Unique and innovative study programs can be has provided to students. Cheap communication essays procured over the topic could bring in other viewpoints on the topic.

When there were no computers to help teachers, they used their vast experience, imagination and thought like a child to get through to them. Students were given the same coursework to be completed over a period of time. Though they were not exposed to modern technology, many thinkers and great scientists of the time came through the same system. The difference was the attitude and approach of teachers. A lot of love, effort, and genuine concern for the welfare of students enabled them to excel in various fields. Creativity was on a high, and they could reach high levels of performance later on life. My philosophy education essay would highlight these measures that need to be taken to really see phenomenal growth in levels of education in the future.

Daisy Nail

January 4, 2010


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