A mythology essay should essentially include your views on folklore and tradition. There is every chance that you might not have experienced a myth, but then that is the reason for it to be called one. This is a common topic given to school and college students. It helps them express their point of view on topics that need a bit of research and understanding. It also needs sensitivity on the part of the student to offer balanced viewpoints. If you follow the basics of writing a good essay and spend considerable time getting the relevant information through research, you would have no problems in writing an essay on mythology.

The ideal topic would be written as culture essay s based on the folklore or tradition surround the place where you live. For example, if history has recorded an incident of the past with mythology surrounding certain beliefs, you could elaborate on it. Look for signs which have led the people to adapt certain cultural bearings. In fact, this would be the ideal topic that would interest readers who would like to learn about the cultural beliefs of other people.

There is a lot of creativity involved in mythology. Some of the stories we come across would certainly not fit in a historical or personal essay where only facts are recorded. It would, however, fit into a mythology essay where facts are not very relevant. The effects of a myth can be examined, as leaders of that era would have to come up with innovative cultural reforms. These would have been initiated to maintain discipline, religious beliefs, and to improve the quality of life among people without upsetting the social fabric. A mythology essay would try to cover the social sentiments of people.

You could write an Oxbridge essay or Aztecs essay and elaborate on the rich culture the Aztecs boasted of. Even though you may not know too much about their history, referring to history books and getting information from over the internet would provide you adequate information. For example, the Aztecs have left behind the belief that they were a spiritual people. They had a class system in place and worshiped gods in the form of idols. They indulged in human sacrifice. You could actually write a death essay based on the circumstances surrounding the sanctification of the Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlan. Elaborate on the circumstances, and look for mythology that existed at the time.

If you do not have ideas to get you going, refer to an essay sample or ask for essay help. You would have to know the topic for research though. Sit down and go through history books. To identify a good topic, look for stories and events that have taken place in unknown locations. For example, look for cultural changes that could have taken place in ghost towns or little-known places. This would make interesting reading. It does not really matter if the information could be backed by history. The myth should, however, be a part of folklore. It really is not that difficult to write a mythology essay. Decide on a topic, prepare an outline listing out all the interesting tidbits that make up the myth, and aim at bringing new and fresh information to readers.