Olympics Essay – Bringing In Peace Through The Olympic Movement

Bringing in peace with your Olympics essay – what a noble thought. The Olympic Games brings together athletes and officials from across the globe to participate in a mega event of a magnitude unsurpassed by any other sporting event. It is a movement established firmly in the minds of people who see it as a medium to spread peace and healthy competition. Started in 1894 by Baron Pierre de Coubettin, the modern Olympic Games signify the spirit of the Olympic movement with the statement, “the most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part.” This message has been rooted deeply into the psyche of people that culture essays can be written to highlight the movement.

Peace is the buzzword throughout the world. We see wars being fought not just between two different countries but within a country itself. The definition has changed, and it is now called terrorism. Faceless terror giving rise to hatred and violence has come to stay. Without trying to analyze why this phenomenon occurs, it would help if we looked at the bright side of things. One of brightest torches that lights up the lives of people and helps them forget the hatred and blind animosity is the Olympic movement. There are innumerable Oxbridge essay topics you could choose to write about the Games. Every four years, it leaves behind a legacy of hope with acts of bravery, valor and sportsmanship that is so difficult for us to see in our everyday lives. No wonder it is a popular topic for a school essay.

While the ancient Olympics Games consisted of events like equestrian, boxing, pankration, running, pentathlon and wrestling, the modern Games committee is always under pressure to include new competitive events. Many of these new events are symbolic of the culture existing for generations among countries with the same cultural heritage. The event or sport would bring in healthy competition between neighboring countries instead of strife and war. By including such events in the Olympic Games, the world has taken notice of it and could spread across to other countries. You could write a descriptive essay or marketing dissertation on this. For example, Judo was first introduced in the Olympics in the 1964 Games in Tokyo. Today, it is one of the most popular sporting events with medals going to 50 countries from six continents. This is a contact sport that has shown the world how peaceful the world can really be with a bit of discipline.

The Olympic movement has had its own fill of controversy, the most serious one being the use of performance-enhancing drugs by athletes. This menace has turned into an industry that turns athletes into controversial figures in the hands of corrupt people who basically are enemies of fair play. If peace and fair play has any chance of survival in sport, this menace will have to be tackled worldwide. Sadly, we always hear of some famous athlete caught in this web, especially during the Olympic Games. Countries spend millions to catch these spoilsports. You could actually write psychology assignment trying to analyze why athletes turn to drugs. With all the positives and negatives surrounding the movement, the Olympic Games still remains the most cherished hope among mankind that all hope is not lost for peace in this world.