A Simple Paragraph Essay Format

A paragraph essay format that is simple to adapt and reproduce every time is a very useful tool. You may have to spend some time getting all the elements in place; but once completed, you would have no problem in writing your essay faster. Spend more quality time for research, editing, and generating ideas. Secrets to a good English coursework include applying some basic guidelines to arrive at a very good paragraph essay.

1.        The format has to be generic. In other words, the same format should apply to all the essays you write, irrespective of whether it is an APA style essay or MBA dissertation written in any other style. It is easy to arrive at such a generic format. The most common method is to compile the essay in five paragraphs including the introduction with the thesis statement, a body of three paragraphs, and a conclusion. This is a very useful when you have to write a short essay. What happens when the assignment is a long thesis? Divide it into smaller segments. Prepare a list of ideas that either support or oppose the thesis statement and then use the same paragraph essay format to elaborate on each idea separately.

2.       The thesis statement is the most important piece of information you would have to write. It is the focal point of a reader’s attention. Once you get this right, the introduction just supplements this statement and briefly suggests what is to follow in the body of the essay. The body of the essay then elaborates on ideas you have generated. For example, if your thesis statement is “How To Write An Essay,” you would have thought of a list of ideas to include in the body of the essay elaborating on how to write MBA essay. These should be included in about three paragraphs. As you get more proficient in using this format, learn to highlight important ideas use the bulleted or numbered format for the paragraph essay.

3.       The conclusion is just a concluding paragraph reiterating what you have said in the body of the essay. This is a short summary, and no new ideas should be introduced and left unanswered. This could confuse readers. Ideally, it has to be a review that is concise and yet talks about all the elements required to summarize the whole essay for the benefit of readers. Just list out the points again and write a brief paragraph including all the main ideas.

4.       You must learn to develop your own style of writing. To complete a paragraph efficiently, you would need to practice daily for a week till you get the format right. This is the only time you would have to apply yourself to get results. Once you have successfully completed several paragraph essays on different topics, you would have built up the confidence to write any essay. The process is simple. All you need to do is to apply yourself for some time till you get the format right. Advantages are many. You could write custom essays on any topic with confidence and flair. The essay could help other students use it for reference.

Daisy Nail

December 14, 2009


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