Writing An Influential Peer Pressure Essay

A peer pressure essay can be a powerful tool to provide remedy to problems associated with peer pressure, especially among the youth. Students need to express themselves among their fellow students. Very often, habits are formed at this age. Blindly following what takes place among friends or classmates is very common. Some habits can be good, while others can be damaging or can disturb the capabilities of an individual in time. Confidence would be low among students who give into peer pressure. Some examples of people who can positively influence others are sportspersons, fictional heroes, and teachers. All of them have strong influence in the way students adapt to certain situations. Generally, peer pressure develops among the same age group. Classmates can strongly influence others in their group to inculcate habits like smoking and consuming alcohol. These are very difficult to discard once adopted.

Peer pressure essays and psychology courseworks must focus on why it is important to choose real friends. Students in school like to experiment with things. They see grownups smoking and drinking at home, on the streets and other public places. At that age, following a trend that is completely different from what they practice in school offers the means to escape from a monotonous and routine lifestyle. They are carefree and do not bother about the aftereffects of forming bad habits. For example, movie heroes would probably do the impossible on screen. Children are unaware of the consequences of trying to emulate them in real life. Imagine a teenager thinking he could fly like Super Man. These are pressures students may find easy to succumb to.
Students have never been able to escape fashion trends, like dislike of proposal essay writing, especially teenagers. At that age, boys and girls want to look their best. If the latest fashion outfit is out in the market, they need to buy it at any cost. They are actually trying to avoid peer pressure. Students are very observant and conscious of the fact that they have to be among the best in all spheres. For example, students not found up-to-the-mark in matching up to the dress code of the group stand the risk of being ridiculed and becoming outcasts. They may lose the respect of friends. They would probably do anything to fit into the scheme of things. Being accepted by the group is vitally important. A peer pressure essay must highlight this aspect of development among teenagers.

Self esteem is directly connected to accomplishment. All students are not geared to excel in academics. Some might be good in sports, while others might be blessed with good oratory skills. Among friends though, the majority decides what is good for the group. This is where the problem sets in. Some may find it difficult to go in for the latest hairstyle. Such students are constantly under peer pressure and their self esteem may take a beating if they find they do not match to the expectations of the group. Peer pressure essays need to highlight the plight of such students and suggest ways to overcome pressure. Custom writing service like Custom-Writing.co.uk hire professional writers who are capable of writing quality essays on such sensitive issues.