Physics Essay: Applying The Basics To Learn Technology

A physics essay can lead to the advancement of basic knowledge of physics. Worldwide, many scientists format essays and publish papers on their findings. Journals then publish them for the benefit of readers. Understanding technology has become important to keep in touch with today’s fast-moving lifestyle. There are many areas of pure physics that are applied to bring us the wonderful appliances we use every day. Exploratory and custom essays are published in disciplines like quantum mechanics, particle physics, space physics, mathematical methods, electromagnetic physics, and relativity.

We rely on energy to run our devices and appliances, to keep us warm in winter, and to keep ourselves going without getting tired. The conservation of energy can actually measure a country’s economic status. Self reliance has many benefits. No wonder developing and poor countries spend millions to find ways and means to conserve energy. It can exist in many forms like potential energy, kinetic energy, elastic potential energy and others. Your GCSE science coursework would cover many such principles. The focus now is always to design technology that can conserve energy. For example, we can gather energy from the sun, also known as solar energy. You could write an essay or physics coursework on companies manufacturing heaters and other appliances that work on solar batteries to save energy. Similarly, hydroelectricity is generated by using a current of water. A food technology coursework could elaborate on how such motors and generators have simplified processes.

Technology has played a big role in the advancement of medical practices. Modern physics has made it possible to develop state-of-the-art equipment for microsurgery, diagnosis, and cure. For example, procedures like the MRI and CAT scan have allowed doctors to diagnose and treat many diseases that would have otherwise been very difficult. To examine the way physics has modified our existence from the time Newton introduced his laws of physics would be a futile exercise. There have been so many major contributions from different individuals that we expect advancements in physics to happen every day. We are almost there.

Nature has adapted to physics quite well. Animals and birds use the earth’s magnetic field to seek out destinations. Birds migrate using this wonderful and natural guiding force to reach far off lands with precision that defeats human logic. Experiments have proved that blind rats can find their way through a maze just by identifying with the earth’s magnetic field. Humans have found practical applications that have changed the way we now live. For example, electric motors work on the basic principle of physics that electric current passing through a conductor or metal wire produces a magnetic field that drives the motor. Similarly, a conductor or wire moving through a magnetic field generates electricity. An assignment incorporating these practical aspects would be very useful to readers.

Mankind has always been curious as to what lies beyond our planet, essay writers can’t stop writing about their theories. We are limited in finding out the mysteries of the universe because of several reasons, the presence of the black hole being one of them. A lot has been said about flying saucers and visitors from outer space. It has become easy to understand that there would be a much advanced civilization somewhere in the universe that has managed to solve all the mysteries physics has to offer. If all goes well, we might be close to being a super power ourselves.

Daisy Nail

December 8, 2009


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