A Pride And Prejudice Essay

Writing a Pride and Prejudice essay on the way of living in the nineteenth century requires a bit of research. Jane Austen tries to highlight the way women had to face life and make difficult decisions concerning their future. She uses satire, and her style of writing has made the novel a classic that has been widely read and spread through the media. Women in the nineteenth century were very concerned of marrying into a rich household. They had to have a high social status combined with accomplishing deeds that would bring them into the focus.

In an era where women were not allowed to enter politics, police or really make the important decisions in their lives, an English essay that exposes the double standards of the time has to be written using the same satire Jane Austen uses in her novel. The story starts with the Bennets wishing that their oldest daughter marry a Mr. Bingley, an eligible bachelor. They allow their daughters to go to social events with the hope that their daughters may find future husbands. You could write a culture essay on social gatherings that demonstrated the prejudice existing at the time toward women and stressed so much on glorifying the pride of men.

Lizzy Bennet, the second daughter meets Mr. Darcy, who becomes fond of her and proposes to her. At the time, she does not like him and makes it very clear by turning down the proposal. It does not help to make things easier as she feels that Mr. Darcy is trying to separate Mr. Bingley and her sister. A critical analysis essay on her plight using the background of the status of women in that era would make interesting observations. It must surely not have been an easy decision for her to make.

A criticism essay that uses the same satire which harps on the unfair expectations that society placed on women would have a balanced viewpoint on how women broke free from the oppressive lifestyle and made a future for themselves. For example, it would take great courage for Lizzy to have turned down Mr. Darcy’s marriage proposal. This very act of courage would have motivated Mr. Darcy to decide that Lizzy was the right girl for him to marry. The story depicts the plight women are in, but this silver lining would probably be that there were several women like Lizzy decided to take their future in their own hands.

If you compare a Pride and Prejudice essay with a Romeo and Juliet coursework, stressing on the lifestyles during the nineteenth and sixteenth centuries might be a difficult task to accomplish. Both these plays depict completely different values attributed towards pride. In Pride and Prejudice, we see a tilt towards honoring the pride of men by society, while in Romeo and Juliet, family honor results is sword fights on the streets. The fate of men and women inclined towards marriage are decided quite differently by society in the different time periods.

Finally, you need to summarize your Pride and Prejudice college ssignment on the very obvious discrimination factor that is highlighted in the novel. Deviating from the obvious would be possible only if you manage to generate other ideas from the story. Jane Austen has used powerful satire throughout. Use this style and discover why the novel has become a classic.

Adam Gordon

November 11, 2009


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