Saving Private Ryan Essay

Saving Private Ryan Essay can analyze the Main Theme in the Film

Saving Private Ryan Essay may be given as an assignment for film studies coursework, dissertation or even scholarship essay. Students cannot appreciate the powerful presentation of war and its carnal effects and how the director has followed the theme written by the author, unless they watch the film. The setting for the film is Invasion of Normandy in 1944 in the last stages of World War II. Steven Spielberg directed the film and won the Academy award for the best director in 1998. Film became very popular and grossed nearly 500 million US Dollars.

The Plot of the Film

Three brothers from Ryan family die in the war and fourth one is missing in action in Normandy. General George Marshall who is responsible for sending the heartbreaking message to the mother orders that Private James Francis Ryan be found and sent back to US immediately. Film depicts the courageous and sacrificial mission undertaken by eight soldiers to deliver Private Ryan to his grieving mother. They find Ryan but five of them die in the operation. This is the summary of the film but the story is full of human emotions and the depiction of the horrors of war. These are ideal subject areas for discussion when writing a Saving Private Ryan essay.

Theme of the Film

Being a war film it shows the battlefield action so vividly that the viewers experience the realities of war. Insanity, futility and irrationality of war are the main theme of the film. Death, suffering, destruction and the insanity of war is aptly depicted and first half an hour of the film totally devoted to the invasion of Normandy. The message these scenes bring is a powerful anti war sentiment. Risking the lives of a whole platoon of soldiers to save one man is the story of the film. Because the film does not answer the obvious question of whether it is justified or not, students can derive argumentative essay ideas from these aspects of the film when writing the essay.

Characters in the Film

The students can analyze the characters found in the film in their saving private Ryan essay. Is General Marshall’s decision to sacrifice many peoples’ lives to save Private Ryan justified?Analyze his character, referring to Abraham Lincoln’s letter. Captain Miller’s courage and duty consciousness are his outstanding character traits. How Spielberg has used the situations and dialogues to highlight these can be used in analyzing his character. Although the loss of three brothers is shocking news to him James Ryan refuses to go back home and stays to take his place in the battle to defend a bridge from an approaching German unit. This shows the character changes that can take place within an individual when they have experienced the war and have become a part of it. Students may have already addressed such particular aspects in writing coursework such as World War I or II essays.

Techniques Used in the Film

The most remarkable feature of the film is its life like depiction of the horrors of the war. Portraying soldiers dying, getting wounded, trying to help others and disobeying orders in the most realistic ways had earned the director his well deserved Academy Award. Lot of research has been done to ensure the correctness of the historical aspect of the scenes, clothes weapons and all other paraphernalia. Students can discuss how the director has used all the techniques available to make such a great filmin their Saving Private Ryan essay.

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