Scholarship Essay Format

Use the Scholarship Essay Format Prescribed by the Awarding Authority

The recommended scholarship essay format has to be followed strictly by students when writing scholarship essays. The objective of applying for scholarships is to secure a means of funding the costs involved in college or university level studies. Therefore it is very important to write the scholarship essays in an impressive manner to satisfy the trustees administering the scholarship. Generally, the awarding organizations give essay topics or essay prompts with a set of instructions for writing the scholarship essay. The need of adhering to them is paramount as it ensures uniformity across many dimensions which help selectors make an objective assessment. However, the instructions may or may not prescribe a format for the essay. However, formatting the work properly is essential for effective writing.

Students are generally given instructions for applying together with topics for the essay. Sometimes the scholarship essay format is also given in the instructions. The format of the essay is dependent to some extent on the word count. If it is a very short essay of 250 words, then a three paragraph essay format may have to be used. In general, most scholarship essays are 500-750 words which can be written with a five paragraph essay format. Topic and guidelines for writing the essay will decide the type of the essay. Some essays have to be written as personal experiences or personal opinions. Some are to describe an incident or a person. These essays will have a theme and written in narration style or in first person at most times.

If a format is not prescribed in the scholarship application, the students must select a suitable scholarship essay format for writing the essay. The best way to know is asking the past winners of the essay formats they used. Then a fair idea can be gained. However, the suitability of the essay format may depend on the essay topic too, poverty essay for example. Most often, scholarship applications will require the students to write argumentative essays. In that case a thesis statement is needed. Formulate the thesis statement and adopt a five paragraph essay format, but remember to adhere to the word limit placed.

Adhering to a suitable scholarship essay format is necessary but formatting the typed text is also important. The instructions for formatting the text can be done according to the formatting rules of the prescribed formatting system. MLA, APA, Chicago etc. formatting styles will have varying text and layout formats, which needs to be adhered to. Otherwise students can adopt the most common formatting. Here are some guidelines to be used when there are no specific instructions available.

  • If there are instructions follow them to the letter.
  • Paper size and the quality are normally specified. If not specified use A4 size 60 GSM paper.
  • Double space the typing so that the text is clear and uncluttered.
  • Font also is normally given. If not given use a professional looking font like Times New Roman or Arial. Never use fancy fonts.
  • If font size to be used is not specified use size 12 point font.
  • Never use any borders for the pages even for the cover page.

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Adam Gordon

September 30, 2016


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