A Smoking Essay On How To Stop The Habit

A smoking essay can get the message across to millions that smoking is injurious to health. We have been seeing ads glorifying and blatantly selling the slow poison to people across the globe. Governments have woken up to the fact that cigarette smoking in harmful and have banned smoking in public places, schools, and other educational institutes. Advertisements selling cigarettes have to print a statutory warning advising users about the dangers of smoking. Students need to understand that smoking is a habit that once inculcated is very difficult to give up. It is therefore important never to start smoking either through peer pressure or through curiosity. Let us go into more detail as to why people develop the habit.
1.       Teenagers are still learning about events happening around them. Though observing and learning from personal experiences is not bad altogether, they should never get into the habit of smoking. Young people are constantly under pressure to look and behave like adults. Watching them smoke, teenagers think it is okay. Air pollutions essays would determine otherwise. Another important factor that contributes is the pressure of being accepted in a group. If some members are found to be smoking, the others are under tremendous pressure to follow suit or be left out of the group. A smoking essay from essay writer can elaborate on the fact that smoking seems harmless at first. Most smokers who start early would only encourage others to do so, unless they have experienced the ill effects.
2.       One must note that smokers can’t really identify the exact reason why they enjoy smoking. They feel like smoking at regular intervals. The fact is they hide behind reasons like “getting a high” or “it’s just relaxing.” Beyond that, they would not know or want to accept the real reason. A healthcare reform or sociology essay could elaborate on the fact that smoking is addictive as it contains nicotine, a drug.
3.       The habit is often developed more among people who are curious or anxious. It is always better to think before indulging in any such habit. Students beware. If you have tough assignments in college or you see adults smoking at home, it does not warrant smoking. It would not help in facing a crisis or alleviate the pressure of performing. Another curious fact is that smokers tend to smoke at a particular time of the day. It could be after a meal or in the toilet.
4.       Adults have lesser resistance to bad habits. They are prone to facing pressure and have to perform at their workplace. For example a 20-year-old would have matured enough to start working with enthusiasm, while a 60-year-old would be at the end of his or her working career. They would have faced various pressures at work and more importantly, would now be fighting to stay fit. Those who gave in at some point in their lives and started smoking would find the going tough in their old age.
5.       Teenagers are more likely to start smoking more out of curiosity. Getting out of the habit is not an option at all, if they do not fall prey to the pressures around them. A smoking essay should be able to convey this message across to the youth like the words from Shakespeare essay.