Statement Of Purpose Essay

How To Write A Compelling Statement Of Purpose Essay

A statement of purpose essay provides an opportunity to include unique and valuable information about oneself while staking a claim for an important academic opportunity. Students may have important facts about their academic achievements or experiences that could add value to the included content. Students must understand that the statement in not a sequence of academic achievements that could otherwise be listed out as routine information. Assessors would like to know the candidate before selection. It is an opportunity to establish a direct rapport with them and describe events and achievements in a way that could otherwise not be listed out in the essay. Other routine information would appear in the application form. Appropriate preparation is required to inform assessors of their statement of purpose. Reasons for joining a study program or college would form the focus of the essay.

It is easy to read through several college application essays for help and prepare content based on research gathered from online resources. Though this method does save time, it is not what assessors would be looking for. They have many years of experience and would have come across many essays written with the help of borrowed ideas. A statement of purpose essay is a personal statement that students make to convince assessors they have the required expertise and can fit into the study program offered. They need to spend a great deal of time and come up with interesting facts about themselves. Unique qualities must be connected to the purpose of joining the study program. Some tips have been listed below to provide method and direction in compiling a good college entrance essay or any other competitive essay.

1.       Offer a pictorial viewpoint of achievements. For example, students involved in sporting activities may include events where they proved their leadership qualities. Though the event may not directly connect with study program, an illustration of how one achieved leadership through the sport would help in projecting success.

2.       The purpose of joining a study program is always to further career goals. Students must be able to link their goals to a particular study program and how it would help enhance their role in a live work situation. Think of using inputs from the syllabus in a situation at the workplace.  For example, a marketing management program would teach students the latest methods of marketing or statistics. Think of ways these methods could be used in a business setup. Spend enough time gathering information about the program. Connect it to a practical situation in a way that would convince assessors of its value. Actually trying out a technique that is available would help provide evidence that supports the claim.

3.       Present a true story that has all the ingredients of a bestseller. Assessors are looking for flair as well as quality. Students who have mastered the art of essay writing and can create a pictorial view of their goals, aspirations, and outlook have a good chance of writing a compelling statement of purpose essay. Be bold and imaginative. It can be advantageous to take the unknown path with the intention of proving a point. Logical thinking needs to be blended with a personal style of writing that would make interesting reading.

Adam Gordon

May 10, 2010


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