The Truman Show Essay

Living Life Through The Truman Show Essay

The Truman Show essay can elaborate on the stage set for the main character Truman Burbank in the television show “The Truman Show.” Life is a real life play for Truman, who is part the largest set every created for a television show. He lives a fake life for the benefit of an audience. There are hidden cameras and sets that seem real but are just part of a scene. In fact, the whole town Seahaven is a complete television set that has been well thought of to revolve around characters and emotions. For example, Truman has fear of the water, as he has been told his father died in a fishing accident. The essay can build on how fear is used in the show. He is further fed stories and news about travelers meeting with danger in order to prevent him from traveling. As he grows up, he is programmed to marry Meryl as per the story line approved by the executive producer Christof. His true emotions take over, and Truman falls in love with Sylvia, who has a small role to play in the show.

Meanwhile, Truman has wised up to the fact that not everything is right in his life. Things seem artificial, and his fears are confirmed when a spotlight in the set falls from the sky. He also listens to a crew conversation on his car radio. He is further distracted by the appearance of his father. His marriage to Meryl is not all smooth either. Truman wants to run away from it all. He thinks of leaving Seahaven, but transport plans fail to materialize. A final deterrent comes in the form of a nuclear meltdown. The Truman Show essay can discuss in detail the efforts put in by all the actors in the show under the direction of Christof.

Like a hero of outsiders essay, isolated and alone, Truman lives in a basement but manages to escape through a secret tunnel. The show is interrupted, as Christof has to ensure Truman does not succeed in escaping. The show is given a boost, as people are now watching it with interest. They want Truman to escape, but the show would come to an end if he did. The entire crew is sent off to look for Truman. They finally realize that Truman has lost his fear of water and has escaped in a boat, ironically called Santa Maria (Christopher Columbus’ ship). Once he knows where Truman is headed, Christof restarts the show and a storm is staged to capsize Truman’s boat.

Life finally takes a turn in his favor, as can be depicted in the literature review writing assignment. Truman reaches the edge of the artificial dome that holds the set. The boat actually pierces the sky, and Truman is flabbergasted, but realizes he is close to freedom. He sees an exit and decides to head towards freedom. Christof, who had to change the scene and stop the storm created, makes one final attempt to dissuade Truman. Like a true character in the show, Truman dramatically bows to the audience and leaves. Sylvia is reunited with him. The Truman Show essay can conclude with a brief summary of how the show comes to an end with Truman choosing freedom over fear of the real world.

Adam Gordon

June 8, 2010


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